10 Tips For a Healthy 2019


Every year we vow that year will be OUR year. New year, new me, right? We set goals, we meal prep, we workout and we drink our water. But then life hits; the kids go back to school; you’re exhausted and your goals towards a healthy life fade as the months pass. There is no shame in it. We’ve ALL been there! That’s why, with the help of our amazing trainer and certified nutritionist Arthur Smith Jr., we’ve compiled 10 steps for a pain-free healthy 2019!

Tip #1 Affirm Your Health

Start by being grateful for your current health. You’re walking, talking, reading, breathing, and living daily. After you put yourself in the right state of mind, affirm your future health. What weight would you like to be? What foods would you like to start eating? How happy do you want to be?  Where do you realistically see yourself?

Tip #2 Drink More Water

We’ve all heard this before. Now here is something practical: purchase a 32oz or larger hydro flask or larger. Be realistic and pace yourself. You can’t go from 0-100 real quick, no matter what Drake says. Fill up your water bottle every morning and finish it by days end. Start small and gradually increase until you are able to comfortably consume 60oz – 100oz daily. Fun Fact: water transports waste out of your body, including stuff that makes us hold on to fat.

Tip #3 Walk After Every Meal

Digestion occurs before, during, and after meals. It never stops! You can increase your metabolism and digestion by walking for 20 – 30 mins post meal. This will help you process food better and get your body looking and feeling right in no time.

Tip #4 Invest in Running Shoes

Women love to wear heals, pumps, flats, and other painful footwear for fashion. Overtime, this changes the arches within our soles and causes pain for very important muscles within our feet. Find comfortable running shoes so you can increase the number of steps you take per day and get to your goal efficiently by doing everyday stuff.

Tip #5 Practice What You Preach

As parents, we want our kids to grow up healthy, strong, smart, and positive. Well, here’s a little secret…monkey see, monkey do. You and your kids are not monkeys, however, we share 85% - 95% (some say 99%) the same DNA as our primitive ancestors. Your kids will copy most things that you do. If you’re healthy, strong, smart, and positive; then the chances they will be is great!

Tip #6 Hire Help (If You Can)

Hiring help is the fastest way to reaching a goal. You don’t need to know everything in order to start, you just have to start! Getting information from a trainer, coach or teacher will only help you feel accountable and motivated to reach your goal or simply to educate yourself.

Tip #7 Drink Your Veggies!

In 2019, most people will eat the same amount of vegetables as they did in 2018. For some of us, vegetables aren’t fun to eat, we get it. Start by blending and drinking your vegetables every morning. This will help you consume more vegetables than you did last year and help change your taste buds. We promise, veggies can be delicious if you know how to cook or blend them and incorporate them into your rotating recipes.

Tip #8 Find An Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is either on the same path as you or where you want to be in the future. This person will motivate you to stay on track and guide you through the tough days. You can find this person in your community, work, or online. Family and friends are great motivators, too.

Tip #9 Have a Year-End Goal in Mind

Set a December 31, 2019 goal. Where you do want to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually then? A helpful tip is to write it down or print it out and place it somewhere you can see it every day. This will help you think long-term and be conscious of the choices you make. Do not skip this tip!

Tip #10 Celebrate Along The Way

Celebration is happiness, fun, and excitement. So, celebrate the small wins. This will make the process enjoyable. The more fun, happiness, and excitement you can create along the journey, the better destination will be.

If you want to hear more about fitness and healthy living, check out Episode 151 w/ Arthur Smith for more great advice! You can also find him on Instagram at @arthursmithjr. Now, let’s get moving!