Chef Claudette Zepeda Wilkins is a mother of two, an all star chef and a #momhustler extraordinaire. In this episode, the #ChefMom sat down with us for an honest conversation about the challenges she has faced, her successes and her outlook on raising children.

Most recently, Claudette was a contestant on Mexico’s Top Chef 2017, she currently serves as Rise & Shine Restaurant Group’s Research and Development Chef. She is behind some of the most notable restaurants in the San Diego area and has worked alongside some of the hottest names in the food industry including, Javier Plascencia.

While she is currently a military wife, for years she was a single mother of two. She gets real about how she hustled to build her career as a young, single mom in a male dominated industry.

Claudette is a strong advocate for women to travel and see the world even if it means taking time away from the kids. She tells us about her own "Eat, Pray, Love" experience in Morocco and how it helped her find her center and pushed her to re-shape her career.  

How the conversations about breastfeeding ignore the truth about many women' lives. 

We also talk about sexism and discrimination in the food industry and how we have dealt with it throughout our lives. We share practical advice that can be applied to any industry. 

Claudette shares why she rejects the conventional wisdom, "Don't be friends with your kids," and manages to be have fun with them while still being "Mom" when she needs to be. Why she is the Anti-Latina mother and actually wants her kids to leave the nest at a young age. 

She is a prime example of how kids can serve as the motivation to propel us to dream bigger and work harder! This episode will leave you feeling like there is nothing you can't accomplish! 

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Super Mamas Tip:

  • Have fun with your kids and learn to unplug. Even if it’s to take them for ice cream for 25 minutes without your phone.

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  • Bricia: I recently bought my son a kitchen and he is really enjoying the Melissa & Doug Kitchen Toys

Show Notes:

Top Chef Mexico 2017

Javier Plascencia

Rise and Shine Restaurant Group

El Jardin

Breakfast Republic

Instagram: @ClaudetteZepedaWilkins

Super Mamas Social