Episode 207: Reconnecting with Yourself through Skincare with Leah Guerrero of @brujitaskincare


It’s a new month and a new episode! This week we talk to Leah Guerrero of Brujita Skincare, a Latina owned brand from Los Angeles, California. Brujita Skincare focuses on making essential skincare with ingredients sourced from mercado’s throughout Mexico. We talk about the basics of skincare, the importance of taking care of yourself, how she found her niche in holistic skincare and became a brujita of skincare. We were in awe of Leah throughout this entire interview, and we know you’ll be under her spell ✨ when you hear her speak.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina’s pick this week is a new show on Netflix that her sister, Elizabeth, recommended and it’s as good as Game of Thrones. It’s called “Casa de Papel”, a show from Spain (also called “Money Heist”). It’s a good thriller/mystery and it will have you on the edge of your seat!

Bricia’s pick is a movie on Hulu called “A Simple Favor” with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. It’s SO funny and weird, and Bricia loved it! She also watched another PG rated romantic comedy called “Falling in Love” because her son, Eddie loves romcoms. 😂


Follow Leah on Instagram at @brujitaskincare.

Self-tying water balloons from Bunch O Balloons.