We are so excited to share our conversation with our dear friend Cristela Alonzo the voice of “Cruz Ramirez” in the new Disney/Pixar Cars 3 movie! There’s so much good in this episode. You don’t want to miss a minute of it!

Cristela is a history maker! In 2014, she became the first Latina to create, produce, write, and star in her own primetime comedy, Cristela. You may also recognize her from her hilarious Netflix special Lower Classy.

We talked to her about life lessons, broken teeth, Selena dreams and being the “good” Latina daughter.

We hear the story about how the Supermamas and Cristela are almost like sisters!

She shares the special message she hopes Cars 3 delivers to kids all over the country and what it feels like to be a part of such a big Disney franchise.

We hear all about the Supermamas that have inspired her, including her mother and sister.

Paulina also shares a story about the pressure our daughter’s face and why this movie was especially significant for her at this moment in time.

Cristela drops valuable knowledge about how to deal with haters and bullies both online and in-person. You don’t want to miss how dealing with a high school bully gave her the resilience to push through defeat in her life.  

This is a dynamic chat you don’t want to miss. Share this episode with a friend!

Show Notes:

Cars 3 Trailer


Lower Classy

La Guelaguetza

Paulina’s First Press Junket

Super Mamas Cars Movie Review

Tips and Picks:

Paulina's Tips: Epsom salts are great for swollen feet that can happen to  pregnant mom’s. Check out this recipe for Lavender epsom salts. Another tip is to make sure you have a pregnancy pillow like this one. These two things will ensure you get a good night’s sleep in your second trimester.

Cristela’s Tip: Do things that you used to love as a kid! It’s a great reminder of simpler times. If you have kids it's a good way to let them see a more playful side of you. 

Bricia’s Tip: Get yourself some adult toys and show yourself love from time to time. This tip applies to our child free listeners too. (You’re welcome)

Summer Fun Tips: Plan a playdate for your kids. Create games for them to be outside and active. Remember to allow time just for free play without technology. 

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