Veronica Tolentino is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Dude.Be Nice, an apparel company that is striving to set a new standard by inspiring people’s fashion and lifestyle. Their approach is that fashion and building community go hand in hand and she is the mastermind behind their vision and success. She is also the mother of a 13 month old child. 

We had a super fun comadre session with her this week! 

 We hear her story about starting over at 30 after a 10 year career in the non-profit sector. We also dive into the transition to motherhood, and how she adapted to this big change in her life while building a business. Why sometimes it takes time to bond with your baby, and how to deal with the opinions of others. 

In this conversation, we talk dive into motherhood guilt, balancing it all, and the things that keep us up at night.

 We also learn how this busy mom keeps organized and keeps track of things and the life-changing magic of having a trusted babysitter.

Paulina, also tells us about how she’s thinking about approaching childbirth differently this time around.

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