Episode 02: Paulinas Birth Story

In this week’s episode Paulina talks about her first Birth Story. She tells you about all the crazy things she took in her hospital bag(s) and why you might go in with certain expectations but should be prepared to also roll with the punches of Labor.  

Hola SuperMamas! As promised on this week’s episode, here is my –Must Take- with You Hospital Bag list.  As you will hear I went a little overboard the first time, and after two very different experiences, today if I would have to do it again, these are the things I wouldn’t do without;

-Hair Ties & Hair Bands 

-Lip Balm

-Comfortable Pajamas (Bigger Size and breastfeeding friendly)

-Maternity Bra

-Ultrasound Picture

-Relaxing Music (On your phone works just fine)

-Massage Roller

-Extra Clothes to leave the Hospital (Bigger size)

-Super comfy underwear to leave the hospital

-Nursing Bra

-Non Skid slippers

-Your favorite pillow

-Basic Toiletries (Only if you are very particular about what you use, nowadays most   Hospitals provide with the basics)

-Eyeglasses if you use them

-Cellphone and charger

-Camera/Video Camera 



-Insurance Info, Hospital Documents 

-Copy of your Birth Plan

-Light Snacks (i.e. Dried Fruit, Granola Bar to eat after birth when you are starving!)

-Extra Set of Clothes and Pillow for Dad (As they will be crashing the couch to rest)

-Baby's Take home outfit and blanket

-Baby's Carseat

If there is anything else that will keep your mind at ease during this time and makes you feel comfortable, Take it with you!! This is your moment…