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This week on the podcast, Bricia invites Erika Orosco Cruz to the studio so she can finally tell us what is this RIE thing Bricia is always talking about.  Erica has been using this technique for over 19 years with her 3 sons and now runs a children’s school with this philosophy.  Even though RIE sounds very unfamiliar to us.  Learn a little more about this parenting philosophy along with Paulina and find out if she was convinced to change her traditional ways to the RIE ways.


This week on the podcast we touch on a very difficult subject that still remains very much a taboo in our culture, Post Partum Depression. Our dear friend Elena Smith (Nena) comes to share her story on how she is learning to deal with this situation while caring for her toddler and six month old baby girl.  Also, Paulina goes deeper into her own personal journey with Postpartum depression and talks about how seeking for help and speaking out has changed her life completely.  


Our Girlfriend Betsy Aimee Cardenas shares her intimate story and teaches us that happiness isn't about being happy when everything is going your way, but about being happy regardless of what is happening outside of you.  We've linked each picture below to one of her published articles.  We hope you all find her stories as inspiring as we have.  


This week on our podcast, Paulina's husband is here!  Ramiro stopped by to give us the insight on daddy-hood and his reaction to their three year old asking about daddy's 'package' for the first time.   We also discuss our own personal experiences with the non-existent 'sex talk' as children with our parents and share other personal embarrassing stories of our own.  


On this week’s episode we go into a subject that has come up again and again among our listeners and guests, what's the easiest way to keep our kids bilingual ?! We have invited a dear friend of ours, Rebecca Bernard Aguiar, Co-Founder of World City Center, a dual-language Preschool to help us put some light on this subject and other school related issues.  We talk about the struggles of maintaining our language alive, and the craziness behind getting our kids into preschool, TK and Kinder (and you thought labor was hard!).


This week in our podcast Bricia talks about her Birth Story.  She tells us how she “trained” for that special moment and how staying informed and learning about birth helped her be prepared and have the labor she wanted.  After labor, things changed very quickly and unexpectedly so she, as many of us do had to roll with with the punches and accept that when it comes to having a baby the only perfect thing is the baby itself.


This week in our podcast we have our dear friend Melina Mata, Producer and director for Latino Music Entertainment Television, who is not just a #SuperMama, she is way more than that, she is a #SingleSuperMama, she shares with us her journey through this challenging yet rewarding adventure, how she has managed to still achieve her goals and dreams while doing it it all on her own and teach her daughter to balance life between two households. We hope her story inspires all you single Mamis out there!


This week in our podcast we have our #MomCrush Lily Martinez, Mom of 4 (plus two dogs), Creative Problem Solver, Designer, Illustrator, Pancake Ninja, Instagram sensation and overall down to earth #SuperMama.  Lily tells us how she has grown in her Mommy journey and how she keeps her priorities straight to be able to take care of herself and therefore take care of her family. She inspires us to forgive ourselves, to avoid judgment and most important to enjoy life, have fun and live in the moment.


This week in our Podcast we talk about a very important subject - Teen Pregnancy.  Our friend Linda Garcia shares her very powerful story on how she overcame her circumstances through her faith and using other’s criticism as fuel to become the #SuperMama she is today.  This story does not glorify teen pregnancy but rather shows you the crude reality of what a teenager goes through when she does not want to become part of the statistics and the tough decisions she had to make at a very young age.  We hope you enjoy this story as much as we did. 


This week on our podcast we have our very first guest, Patty Rodriguez. We take a peak into what a day in her life looks like and see why Patty is the ultimate Mom Boss.  She tells us how she manages to have a full time job as a radio producer, run two companies be a #SuperMama to her Four year old boy, all of this while being pregnant with her second Baby.  She inspires us to think outside the box, take action and always dream big #SinMiedo.. Oh, by the way, have you bought your baby’s domain name yet?

Click on the pictures below to learn more about Patty's #momboss projects 

Episode 02: Paulinas Birth Story

In this week’s episode Paulina talks about her first Birth Story. She tells you about all the crazy things she took in her hospital bag(s) and why you might go in with certain expectations but should be prepared to also roll with the punches of Labor.  

Hola SuperMamas! As promised on this week’s episode, here is my –Must Take- with You Hospital Bag list.  As you will hear I went a little overboard the first time, and after two very different experiences, today if I would have to do it again, these are the things I wouldn’t do without;

-Hair Ties & Hair Bands 

-Lip Balm

-Comfortable Pajamas (Bigger Size and breastfeeding friendly)

-Maternity Bra

-Ultrasound Picture

-Relaxing Music (On your phone works just fine)

-Massage Roller

-Extra Clothes to leave the Hospital (Bigger size)

-Super comfy underwear to leave the hospital

-Nursing Bra

-Non Skid slippers

-Your favorite pillow

-Basic Toiletries (Only if you are very particular about what you use, nowadays most   Hospitals provide with the basics)

-Eyeglasses if you use them

-Cellphone and charger

-Camera/Video Camera 



-Insurance Info, Hospital Documents 

-Copy of your Birth Plan

-Light Snacks (i.e. Dried Fruit, Granola Bar to eat after birth when you are starving!)

-Extra Set of Clothes and Pillow for Dad (As they will be crashing the couch to rest)

-Baby's Take home outfit and blanket

-Baby's Carseat

If there is anything else that will keep your mind at ease during this time and makes you feel comfortable, Take it with you!! This is your moment…