Vision Board Posada 2017: : Presented by Munchkin


We have been making Vision boards for years now.  The concept was first introduced to us by non-other than the Queen her self, Oprah.  And of course, when Oprah shares knowledge, all you can do is listen, learn and execute.  We hosted vision board parties at our home every year, inviting only a few close friends.  Everyone would bring magazines, wine and a few bites to eat.  We’d sit around the house, cutting and glue-ing away.  There was no right or wrong way to create your vision board, but all we said to our friends was this:

“Let your inner voice guide you because deep inside you know what sort of things are meant to be yours. Be bold, allow yourself to trust your inner voice and don’t over think.  Let the images call out to you, cut them and place them on that board.”

We would then put that board anywhere we knew it would be visible to us every day.  The amount of visions that came true were magical.  And just like that, the idea of creating a Vision Board night for our Super Mamas sisters came to us the same way, like magic.  

Our first year, we presented the idea to Munchkin and they were absolutely ecstatic. They loved the idea and said YES right away.  We gathered 50 sisters and had the best of night.  This year, we knew we had to outdo ourselves.  We didn’t know how, but we did!  We called on our design hero @harlowplanning who created a design concept that we fell in love with.  We saw the night come together, again, like magic.

On December 14th 2017, the magic flowed through the Munchkin Headquarters with 75 of our sisters again.  All of us worked on our 2018 vision boards, enjoyed the best food, connected with other sisters and left inspired, charged and ready to take on the new year.  We also presented our first-ever Super Mamas Sister of the Year Award.  We honored Dulce Candy because she was a catalyst in giving us the courage to take on this Super Mamas journey.  We have watched her videos for years and witnessed her career take off right before our eyes while always encouraging others (and us) to follow our own dreams.  She received the award and of course, there wasn’t one dry eye in the room.

This time around, we had some of our sisters share their vision boards.  Every single person in the room was moved.  There was a spirit present that is hard to explain, but in our hearts we knew everyone walked out certain of themselves and of what 2018 is bound to bring them. 

Thank you all who joined us, the response was unbelievable.  The night sold out in less than three minutes!  If you couldn’t secure a spot, we encourage you to gather your friends and host your own vision board night. And please, keep us posted on visions that have come to fruition for you.  We love listening to your magic moments.  Here’s to a blessed 2018 sisters!!!

A few special shout outs to those who made this night a reality:

Presenting Sponsor : Munchkin

Sister Sponsor: Yoobi

Design/Planning @harlowplanning

Photography @lilyro_

Florals @floralsbyisabelle

Macrame design @theshiftcreative

Rentals @247events

Furniture @circarentals