We are all guilty of keeping every art project our toddlers bring home from preschool/kinder right?  We feel guilty to throw them away, yet we have no use for them.  Well, I have been getting in the habit of making my own greeting cards this year using Eddie’s old artwork.  I don’t remember where I first read about this, but it stuck in my head.  So this Holiday season, I wanted to share with you all this little trick I have been doing this past year.  Works great for any celebration, but for Christmas specially, family loves it!

All you are going to need is some recycled holiday ribbon, scissors, glue, jumbo color pencils, markers and/or holiday stickers.  I used a few of Yoobi’s decals that I had in my arts and crafts box.  Eddie loves to color over them and it gives the card a bit more character.   Making them is super easy.  

Just cut out any old artwork made from construction paper, fold it in half, and glue some holiday ribbon around the edges.  You can write directly inside the card, or you can cut out a blank square and glue it on the inside where your message will go.  In the front, simply write out “Happy Holidays”, or in my case, “Feliz Navidad”.  Yes, its that easy!  And trust me, everyone loves them!   

So this holiday season, save yourself some money on greeting card by making your own all while getting rid some of those old craft preschool projects while you are at it!