5 Tips to Staying in Love

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Falling in love is easy, but staying in love requires effort. Our philosophy is that prioritizing our relationships is just as important as motherhood. But we know that is easier said than done when we have young children who need us constantly.

Here are our 5 quick tips on how to stay in love!

1) Keep Dating Each Other: As much as you can, try to keep date nights with each other. Bricia says, “My husband and I love going to the Yardhouse and watching a movie whenever we can.” Even if you can’t leave the house for a date often, you can have dinner and a movie at home when the kids are asleep. It’s also about taking time to surprise each other in small ways like, ordering take-out from their favorite restaurant. Remember how you acted in the beginning? Keep that magic going as the years go by. It’s about not taking each other and your love for granted.

2) Pick Your Battles: This is easier said than done. We know. But give your partner a break. No one likes to feel like they are being criticized by their partner constantly, so prioritize what you will express and when you will do it. We are not encouraging you to stay silent about things that bother you, but always make sure you express concerns respectfully and at the appropriate times. Keep in mind the things you love about your partner rather than focusing on the things you don’t like. That goes a long way. You can’t change the other person but you can change your attitude and perspective about the behavior you find irritating. 

3) Choose Joy: Remember before the kids, before the house needed work done? When it was just two people in love? Keeping that feeling is all about your choice and attitude. One of our sisters, @TwoPlusLuna, recently told us about how she has a daily dance with her husband and sometimes their daughter joins in on the fun too! We love the idea of reconnecting with your partner through joy on a daily basis.

4) Create Things to Love Forward To: The same way that you plan ahead for retirement, you should plan ahead for things that excite you as a couple. Whether it’s taking a weekend getaway, or even dreaming about the places you want to visit together. Having dreams that are just yours is one way to keep your connection strong! Again remember, that aside from being parents you are still a couple and once the kids are grown and gone you will still be lovers. 

5) Forgive, Forgive and then Forgive Some More: We believe that long lasting relationships are not accidental or a matter of being “meant to be.” They are the product of effort from both parties, a decision to work on your relationship every day. A choice to disagree respectfully, and to always prioritize your partner above everything else. Forgiveness, is an integral part of this as your partner is on his/her own journey of self-discovery too. Recognize that you aren’t perfect and always focus on the good aspects of your relationship. It may not always be easy but it will always be worth it!