Episode 172: The Power of Giving with Cynthia Perez


This week on the show we have our dear longtime friend Cynthia Perez to talk about the power of giving. Since Cynthia was young, she knew she wanted to be a donor and this year, Cynthia’s dream was realized. She donated her kidney to a family friend without any hesitation. She takes us through her journey and talks about some of the challenges she faced, her husband’s undeniable support, her family’s reaction, her recovery and the misconception around organ donation in the Latino community. Cynthia takes the power of giving to a whole new level.

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia talk about their Thanksgiving plans (check out this Harper’s Bazaar article), Paulina’s “Spartan Race” (LOL) and Bricia’s eventful weekend with her husband in Santa Barbara.

Check out Cynthia’s yummy baking creations by following her on the gram, @pastelcakeandconfections .

Our conversation with Cynthia Perez

Who is Cynthia Perez- tell us about a bit about yourself?

Who is Julian to you? 

What was the process of donating your kidney like?

How long did the entire process take from your decision to donate your kidney to the procedure?

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced?

How long was your recovery?

Did you go through some sort of therapy beforehand?

How did you explain to this your family? 

How has your body been affected post surgery? 

What lesson do you hope your daughters/husband/family/our listeners can take from this?

How is Julian today?

How do we confront the misconceptions regarding donating an organ? 

How is your life today as a donor?

Lifespan of a living kidney donor

If you or someone you know is interested in donating an organ, here are a couple of resources with plentiful information: 

www.unos.org – living donation organization

www.kidney.org – help people affected with all kinds of kidney disease;

www.georgelopezfoundation.org – helps raise awareness with underprivileged children, military regarding health and education and awareness with kidney and organ donation

www.donatelife.net – Register yourself to be a donor.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Cynthia’s tip is to never underestimate the power of feeling gratitude, but also expressing it. Say thank you not only this week, but every day. Also, make your appointment with the Santa at The Grove, they offer incredible service.

Paulina and Bricia’s tip is to visit Target for incredible Black Friday deals like these: