This week on Super Mamas, Paulina and Bricia share their traveling adventures during their annual to trip to Oaxaca. Traveling with kids during the holidays always make for good stories and traveling with four, makes for some great ones! 

Paulina had a long journey from LA. Starting in Ontario, stopping by Guadalajara and finally to Oaxaca. We don't call her bag lady for nothing. Paulina also tell us of her experience getting Mastitis *cue dramatic noise* and how Sabina is dealing with being the middle child. 

After the holiday season, Bricia is thinking twice about having more kids ๐Ÿคฃ. Paulina and her talk about the pressures our family and society put on us to have large families and the difference between having traditions and being traditional. 

Overall, there were plenty of tantrums to go around during the holiday season, but we wouldn't want it any other way! Share with us how you spent the holidays, by tagging us or sending us a DM.

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Pick or Tip of the Week 

During the entire adventure to Oaxaca, Paulina had Krista use her counting skills to count everything around her. From the people in line, to how many steps she took, to the number of cheerios she was going to eat, counting was turned into a game. - Remember that Talking, Reading and Singing are essential to our children.  Learn more on: First 5 California

Paulina also kept her hands free with her Ergo carrier- the absolute best! 

Bricia's traveling tip is to leave your stroller and opt for a cute backpack instead of a purse. Hands-free all the way!