Dulce Candy Ruiz continues to reign as one of the beauty & fashion industry’s top online influencers. An immigrant to America, Dulce serves as an army veteran, published author, wife, and mother. With millions of followers across a variety of social platforms, she aspires to inspire young women around the world in finding their passion and working hard to achieve their dreams.

On this week's episode, Dulce speaks on how she manifested her passion of connecting with people into her newly launched YouTube series, Cafe con Dulce, where she shares her experiences and helps other women come to terms with their own journeys. 

We also dive into how important faith has played a role in her self discovery.

She shares her new aspirations and goals as she enters a new stage in life. Make some room, Oprah! Also, how it’s never to late to start anything, especially when it comes to pursuing higher education. 

We ask about her hustler mentality and how she balances work and motherhood at the same time. She also opens up about what her biggest fears were and how she overcame them. 

Dulce has been on our Super Mamá guest wish list since day one, and it’s amazing to finally see this wish come true. She’s such an inspiration and we are so happy to spread her positivity and light with all of you. Keep dreaming big, sisters! 

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Pick and/or Tip of the Week

After a long search, Bricia has found her new favorite mascara- Pixi by Petra Lash Booster

Paulina has said bye bye to washing dishes; her latest obsession with up & up heavy duty paper plates is real. 

& Dulce Candy shares how she stays fit with Barry's Bootcamp

Show Notes

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