Trigger Warning: Loss, Grief, Cancer, Rainbow Babies

This week on the show we talk about the grief that has no name. The loss of a child.  Our amazing guest Mary Carrillo reminds us that grief is not a stationary journey but that it can also be an opportunity to love harder, and live an authentic life.  

In 2014 she lost her son Calvin Preston. Mary talks to us about resilience and how to create a meaningful life after a devastating loss.

Mary is the Founder of Calvin Preston Foundation, founded in honor of her son Calvin who was diagnosed with blood cancer and died in March of 2014.

How she has embraced vulnerability since her son's passing.

In this heartfelt episode, she tells us about what she felt when the Dr’s told her there was nothing left to do for her son and the moment she knew it was time to let him go. The difficult moments after his passing and the decision she made to understand his life would never be in vain.

The promise she made to her son, about how she would keep his legacy alive. How she has found her passion, and her drive since his passing. 

We also talked to her about resilience, the decision to be happy she makes everyday. How she has dealt with loss for the last 3 years and how she has resisted the urge to lock herself away.

She assures that there is beauty that lies in front of us but we must choose to find the magic in everyday, how she remains grateful for the years she had and her child. How she got to a place of more peace and acceptance. 

The Calvin Preston Foundation focuses on providing support for children in underserved areas who have been diagnosed with cancer. They offer assistance to families for everything from basic necessities to toys for the Holidays. The raise funds throughout the year. This includes a big toy drive for Christmas and pampering for mom's who are often primary care givers to their sick children. 

She also give advice for anyone dealing with grief or loss. How she took it minute-to-minute. Plus, she shares what messages brought her great comfort after losing her son. 

How she armed herself with the right tools to learn to live with her loss. She reminded us that there is no one-size fits all formula to deal with grief.

The unexpected love that came into her life after Calvin’s passing and how she is dealing with living with grief.

We know some things cannot be healed as they are just carried. She left us with great lessons in resilience, happiness and how the best way to find meaning and healing is to give back.

We are so grateful to Mary for sharing her story, her son's legacy and her light with us and our listeners. 

Follow her @TheMaryPosa and @calvinprestonfoundation

Click here to learn about :The Calvin Preston Foundation

Click here to make a donation to support the foundation's work

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Mary Posa: Writing journals help us make sense of the world and navigate complex emotions. A journal also gives us a way to feel less alone in the world. I have been journaling for a very long time. She also started a blog, Maryposa that has helped deal with her grief.

Essential oils have helped her manage her emotional state and have many other uses. 

Paulina: La Santa Cecilia's newest album, Amar Y Vivir, with powerful vocals and the music of our grandparents is a way for us to expose our children to music they wouldn’t hear otherwise.

Bricia: Changing Your Pattern: Find something that you don’t enjoy and switch it to something you do enjoy and see how it impacts your life. Reframe the language or thought process you use to deal with different situations.  This Tony Robbins video touches upon how to start this process