On today’s episode, Paulina updates us and talks about her not-so pleasant first doctor’s visit with Zixta and how she finally registered her! 

We also have Girl bosses Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Rusi from YUMI, a new nutrition and wellness company for babies, join us to speak on how they are revolutionizing the baby food industry. 

Yumi is the definitive source for parents seeking to understand what they are feeding their children and why, offering a science-based early childhood meal delivery program that is the most convenient and nutritional option in the marketplace. Yumi meals are fresh, organic, packed with nutrition and delivered right to your doorstep. 

From Angela sharing a Dropbox folder of children nutrition with Evelyn, to understanding the huge discrepancies between the research and what was being sold on the shelves, and developing their mission of having a 360 degree support system for moms, Evelyn and Angela are changing the game and bringing delicious recipes to your home! 

Evelyn and Angela even surprised us with a discount code for a week’s supply of YUMI for all you super mamás! Thank you, girls. 

You can find Yumi on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as @yumi. 

Pick of Tip of the Week

Evelyn picked up Nurture: A Modern Guide to Preganancy, Birth, Early Motherhood - and Trusting Yourself and Your Body by Erica Chidi Cohen. 

Angela is staying fresh and clean with True Botanicals Hydrating Mist. 

Bricia says be a rebel and take the pressure of yourself of being perfect.