This week on the podcast, Bricia and Elizabeth reflect on their Thanksgiving dinners and the lovely ladies from My Safe Harbor, Becky Ahlberg and Zitlalic Domond, join Bricia to spread a very important message - the ultimate gift to your children is to be a role model.

My Safe Harbor is a faith-based nonprofit thats primary goal is to get every woman they meet through the Strong Families Institute (SFI) - an 8-month long program that restores the dignity of mothers who feel disenfranchised, alone and lost to ignites their dreams, strengthen their family, and renew their purpose. 

After conducting a feasibility study, and learning that Orange county had one of the largest concentration of single mothers and as a result tended to have the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, gang involvement, domestic violence and high school drop-out rates, Becky Ahlberg decided to make it her mission in life to change this and embarked on a journey in creating strong families.

Becky founded My Safe Harbor in 2009 and since then, she has discovered that by empowering women, you can empower communities. She has given many women back their dignity, dreams, goals and a reason to have HOPE once again.

This episode wouldn't be possible without our amazing sister, Zitlalic Domond.  Thank you for introducing us to Becky and now, to everyone else in the sisterhood!  Remember sisters, this holiday season should be about giving back.

Also, Bricia gives us an update on her #itcanwait challenge with ATT.  Are you joining the 21-day no cell phone challenge?  Let us know! 

To learn more about My Safe Harbor, visit mysafeharbor.org

Show Notes

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Pick or Tip of the Week

Becky swears to, "1-2-3 Magic for Christian Parents: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12" by Thomas Phelan . 

Zitlalic suggests to put away your phone for an hour when you get home. Use that hour of being phone-free to spend more time doing what your kids want to do. 

Instead of simply saying she's going to work every morning, Bricia has been recently explaining to Eddie the reason why she goes to work. She's trying to teach him the importance of working for your dreams.