THE Yesi Ortiz from Power 106 joins us this week! Often referred to as “The Queen of LA” and “The First Lady of Power,” she hosts her mid-day show from 10-3PM where you’ll hear segments like the New@2 and the Noon Mix with DiskoDrew. Yesi shares with us how her work ethic and passion for music led her to become the “voice of LA” and how she went from 0-6 kids, real quick. 

As Yesi was building her career in radio in Las Vegas, she got a phone call that changed her life forever. She takes us on her inspirational journey of becoming the adoptive mother of six children. From finding the lawyer, the trail and to the moment when the judge granted her custody of her children. 

We also ask her how she continues to grow as a person, tips on how she communicates with her kids, the importance of self care and the power of vulnerability. 

Thank you for sharing your incredible story with us, Yesi! You can find Yesi on Instagram as @yesiortiz and on her website, yesiortiz.com.

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Show Notes

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