This week, we talk to #Momboss, and Warrior of Life, Krissy LeFevre who is Vice President of Ludo Management, Inc.  Krissy is the mother of a twin boy and girl that were delivered via surrogate.

In this powerful episode, she talked to us about her long seven-year journey to becoming a mother, after surviving cervical cancer, a hysterectomy, and a failed adoption.

She goes in depth into the process of retrieving her eggs, finding a surrogate and the surprising egg donor that made her dream of motherhood a reality.

She talked to us about her career trajectory from being an attorney, to being on The Apprentice, to building a worldwide food brand that includes multiple restaurants, and spearheading innovative food experiences across the country with her husband Chef Ludo.

Her experience on The Apprentice and how it prepared her to raise twins.

The reason why she posed for Playboy magazine and the role it played in her becoming a mother.

She also has a candid conversation with us about how to talk to kids about difficult subjects.

This is a perfect episode for anyone who has dealt with or is dealing with difficult circumstances, had difficulty conceiving or anyone who needs inspiration.  

You can follow Krissy and her family’s adventures by following them on Instagram: Krissy @frenchchefwife, her son Luca @lucaeats, and her husband, Chef Ludo @chefludo

Show Notes:

Ludo Bites America

All-Star Chef Classic

Trois Familia

Chef Ludo

Ludo Bird  

Petit Trois

Krissy’s Tips:

Krissy always speaks openly to her children. She has spoke candidly to them about how they were born. She believes in teaching moments, from encouraging her kids to help others, taking her daughter to the women’s march and to talking to them about immigration issues. Honesty is one of her most important parenting values.

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