EPISODE 74: Munchkin's CEO, Steve Dunn

On this latest episode we sit down with Mr. Steve Dunn, CEO and Founder of Munchkin Inc, the baby product company carried at Target, Babies Rus, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon and more.

 Mr. Dunn shares with us the passion that drives him and his company. Aside from being one of the top Baby Product company in the market today, Munchkin has strong corporate social responsibility programs to support the welfare of our planet and creating a more sustainable future for our kids. Learn more about the work Mr Dunn and his company are doing aside from creating amazing baby products that make our life easier as parents.

Mr. Dunn's is an inspiration and a great example for all of us. Don't miss this great episode where we also share a special announcement regarding the recent partnership between Munchkin and Super Mamas!


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