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We are excited to highlight Irma Vazquez an educator, entrepreneur and Founder of  My Escuelita: Spanish for Kids.

Their mission is to teach Spanish to children through play and interaction, using activities like songs, stories, arts and crafts, in a fun, stimulating and encouraging environment that fosters fluency and language development and exposes children to traditional music, literature, games, themes and Latin American traditions.

Irma’s entire reason for becoming an entrepreneur was inspired by the fact that at a point she had three children under the age of 3 and one with special needs. In fact, her entire purpose was to be able to spend more time with her children. Her goal was to be present in their young lives as possible and model a positive and powerful version of what it means to be a working mother. She is proud that her three children. Monica (16), Ellis (14) and Carolina (12) have grown up seeing her build a successful business doing something she loves.

Her idea for a place where kids and families could learn Spanish and about Latino culture soon grew from a few classes to a much bigger venture. Spanish for Kids now offers Spanish enrichment programs, preschool classes, Saturday Spanish Institute, summer camps, cultural events and community networking events. They also provide students with Spanish materials curated to help parents teach Spanish at home. My Mochila: Spanish on the Go! is a monthly subscription program. Included in the back pack or Mochila are over 20 components to help parents explore and teach Spanish in a multicultural approach.

Irma explains, “We believe that families and children deserve quality instruction that is affordable and accessible. Every class is taught by bilingual credentialed teachers who are certified to teach children language, dance and yoga. The entire family is supported in the language learning process by way of classroom observation, participation and resources that are sent home or made accessible online. The goal is to engage everyone in learning!”

As an entrepreneur she has learned an entire different set of skills. As an entrepreneur she’s learned about marketing, finances,manufacturing, shipping and creating brands. All these lessons have enriched her life as a human and a mother.

She tells us, “I feel empowered to create and be able to help and guide others to do the same. Often I am asked for guidance on starting a small business and I feel honored that through my journey I am able to help someone else. And if that someone else is a mother even better!”

Last year, she designed a child’s backpack that contains materials and resources including 20 components to help parents teach their child Spanish. She writes lesson plans and curates the multicultural materials. She is re-launching the project with a Kickstarter in September and this Summer every My Escueilta: Spanish for Kids Summer camper will have a backpack!

She shared, “being a small business owner and doing what she adores each day teaching Spanish to children has been the best decision she has ever made.”

But like every entrepreneur Irma has her rituals and support to stay on track. Irma sets her intentions everyday by mediating. She also listens to music and eats breakfast everyday. She also credits her village that helps her each day with support, and advice.

Irma also understands the importance of giving back and finds time to serve on various boards too including: the Loyola Marymount University (LMU) School of Education Alumni Board, the LMU Schools of Education Alumni Board as well as the LMU School of Education School Counselor Advisory Board and Learning Rights Law Center Advisory Board. She is also an expert teacher advisor for Little Ripples a preschool my family has built in Darfur, Africa.

Irma is Super Mama for sure and we are so excited to highlight outstanding mommy’s like her!

Learn more about My Escuelita by visiting their site. Learn more about Irma’s newest venture My Mochila here.