Quick Tips to Make the Most of the Super Mamas Social

  • Bring Your Squad but Make New Friends Too -We encourage you to come with your current friends but open up the circle to include others. You never know who you might meet! Don’t be shy! Venture on your own for a while and introduce yourself to a new friend! If you see a mom who is alone ask her to join in our conversation. Which reminds us...

  • Don’t be Afraid to Come Alone -This is the perfect place to meet your #Momsquad. Trust us when we say having a group of women to support you on your motherhood journey makes this adventure so much more fulfilling. Feeling shy about introducing yourself? Strike up a conversation by complimenting someone’s cute outfit or asking how old their baby is. Those are always great conversation starters for us.

  • If You See A Mom You Know From Social Media Do Say Hello-We all know that feeling, “I know her, but I don’t REALLY know her!” Go say hello to your online friend, who knows, you may become IRL friends too!

  • Make Sure You Visit Our Super Mama Marketplace-We have curated a great selection of vendors this year that have great things for your kids and for you too! Don’t forget to check it out! From Raggedy Tiff’s beautiful creations to books from bilingual booksellers there is something for everyone. If you still need a gift for mom you might just find the perfect gift at our marketplace.



  • Make Sure the Kids Have Fun But Don’t Forget About Yourself-We have a variety of activities for the kids and a beautiful reading corner, but don’t forget to hit our Mom booths where you will get pampered by sponsors like Target, and Northgate. We encourage you to bring a friend or loved one who can watch the kids while you get pampered. Don’t forget tickets will available at the door.

  • Check the Map and Schedule When You Arrive-We will have activities happening throughout the day but we also have various panels you don’t want to miss. Check the main stage schedule to find out times and speakers.

We can't wait to see you tomorrow sisters!