Our first Sister Spotlight for the month of April is “My Spanish Sorpresa” a bilingual monthly book subscription that sends beautiful authentic Spanish & Bilingual children’s books, worksheets and fun family activities for families. My Spanish Sorpresa is the easy and fun way to add to your children’s book collection!

The business began when Shawn and Jazmin Turley began looking for Spanish books while they were still expecting. They realized it was easy to find books written in English, translated into Spanish, but not to find something authentic. Jazmin told us, “we put a lot of time and energy creating a spreadsheet with titles, publishers, authors, and illustrators that created these authentic books we wanted.” As time went on, Jazmin thought, “ Why not automate this for other parents?!” She didn’t want other families to go through the same struggle of finding good bilingual literature. That’s when she decided she would source, and provide these books for families all over the United States.

What motivates them is to give Latino children an opportunity to finally have stories, and characters they can relate to. To also give Latino parents the opportunity to be a part of their children’s education by having the tools to teach their family Spanish in a fun creative way. Not only that, they were motivated by all the non-latino families who wanted to give their children a broader view of the world to learn and celebrate different cultures through fun story books.

Jazmin and her husband share a great passion for Spanish, education, entrepreneurship and most of all their heritage. Jazmin tells us, she spent endless hours dancing cumbia with her mama in the kitchen and visiting her home country of Costa Rica. While Shawn lived in Mexico City for two years, where he immersed himself in Spanish and Latino culture. 

They both currently work full time, go to school full time, and run a business while raising a beautiful baby boy. They are always looking for ways to find balance. They wake up at least two hours before their son does to make sure they have time to discuss the plan for the day and check in with each other. Their goal is to be done with their daily to-do’s by 5PM so they can focus on spending time as a family.

They are excited to provide a platform to promote Latino Authors, and creators to share their products with customers who want to have this experience with their children. Jazmin said, “We are eager to learn all the different ways we can teach Spanish to families all over the nation.”

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