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This month we are excited to spotlight Lexie Gomez, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Love Swirls, a company that specializes in creating memorable parties with yummy vegan, kosher organic & non-organic cotton candy – freshly spun on site! They recently expanded their LOVE with other sweet treats that include popcorn & snow cones! They also capture memories with a recently added photo booth!

Love is the underlying value to everything they do!

Lexie is also a mother of 3 children. Victor, 21 a photographer, Natalie, 20 a baker & Joaquin, 4.  She told us, “it’s a huge gap between Natalie & Joaquin. It felt like a huge start over and made me feel like I have 9 lives! But Joaquin couldn’t have come at a better moment in my life.”

Love Swirls began 3 years ago, shortly after the birth of Joaquin, when Lexie had been once again bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and was considering starting a taco catering business. But then during a family trip to the beach she had a better idea when she noticed the excitement families had for cotton candy.  She loved how both kids and adults alike gravitated towards the sweet treats that reminded her of her childhood.

She knew then that she really wanted to start a cotton candy and sweet treats venture.  

But she needed money to get started.

Rather than letting this hold her back, she proposed to her teenage children that they invest their Christmas money to help start the business and help her operate it too! This was also her way of nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit, provide them with a small income, and allow her to continue to have a flexible schedule to care her youngest child. They loved the idea and the next day they took action and started Love Swirls!

They haven’t stopped since.

But Lexie’s mission goes far beyond sweet treats, she went into business to create more freedom for herself and her family that has lead to more peace, joy, happiness and travel.

Lexie is a serial entrepreneur and has a background in event coordination. She has built several businesses, some that have failed. These failures have left her with many valuable lessons. She told us, “I’ve learned not to give up. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe in yourself after feeling you’ve failed with everyone watching. I’ve learned to take risks, and not look back.”

Her hope is that her children learn the struggles that come with entrepreneurship but that they also learn to appreciate the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something that you love. She says, “We as mamis are Do’ers and I do all this for my kids.”

But Lexie also believes that, “Life does not end when your working hours end.” She practices 7 daily habits to keep a balanced life. They include things like prayer, and one hour of exercise every day. She is also an avid reader of self-help books and listens to devotional and inspirational words from people like Joel Osteen and Dr. Ceser Lozano.

Her other must have? Coffee!

She also makes it a point to show gratitude by giving back to her community. She makes regular donations to Children’s Hospital LA.

Lexie isn’t afraid to dream big! Her ultimate goal is to create a legacy business that her children can continue to grow. She wants Love Swirls to be a brand that excites and the is a must have treat like Baskin Robbins. In the meantime, she is excited to keep growing, have a small shop and possibly expand to other cities and states.

She shared with us a core belief that guides her life,“time will pass and it doesn’t stop for anyone. I don’t think you should stop trying or taking risks just because someone’s opinion of you or your ideas is negative.”

Thank you Lexie for the inspiration and sweet treats!

Learn more about Love Swirls by visiting their site you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.