Create a Vision Board for 2017!

Last week 60 guests joined us at the beautiful Munchkin Headquarters in Van Nuys for our 2016 Super Mamas Vision Board Posada. (watch our video above!)

Vision boards are a great way to allow yourself to dream big, think about the direction of your life. They serve as a visual reminder of the dreams you carry in your heart and they help you bring that vision to fruition!

At this event, guests created their 2017 vision boards, partook in energy cleansing experiences and were treated to champagne and micheladas by I Love Micheladas. A delicious dinner was prepared by James Beard Award Nominated chef Eddie Ruiz. Guests all received goody bags from Munchkin, along with a posada kit! 

Moms and Non-Moms alike walked away with their visions and intentions for 2017. But even if you weren’t able to experience the event in person you too can create your own vision board or host your own vision board party!

The first rule of vision boards is that there are no rules!

What you’ll need:

  • Any kind of board. Something from the dollar store or even a cork board with a nice trim. You can even put in a cute frame so you can hang it in your bedroom or home office.

  • Scissors, a glue-stick, or glue to put your board together.

  • Assortment of magazines. At least 3-5 of a different variety. If you don’t have any at home, you can also use catalogs and libraries sell copies of old issues.

  • We also provided pens, glitter, and markers be as creative as you would like with your board.

  • Mentally prepare to create your board. Jot down notes about things you want in your life, not just material things but it could be places you want to see, feelings you want to experience. Be intentional but don’t overthink it and don’t stop yourself with thoughts of doubt.

How to Make Your Board:

  • Gather your magazines and materials. Ideally, you have at least one quiet hour to complete this so you can tune in to your intuition as you select what will go on your board.

Remember: There is no right or wrong way to do this, but we recommend you cut out images, phrases, or words that speak to you first, and then you paste them on your board

  • Feel to add any other things that speak to you, one suggestion was that you can add handwritten cards or notes that are special to you.

  • If you are hosting a party you can make it potluck style! Since it's Winter you can have delicious pozole like we did!

Once You Have Completed Your Board:

  • Take a few moments to sit with your board and observe the images, words and phrases that spoke to you. Our energy cleanser Marcela recommended a quick meditation, prayer, or blessing (depending on your own beliefs and practice) of your vision board.

  • If you are hosting a vision board party have everyone share about their boards and what are the first steps they plan on taking to make their board come to life.

  • It is super important that you place your board in a visible place in your home or office.

  • Look at it everyday and take a few moments to visualize yourself experiencing the things you want to attract into your life.

  • If there’s any words or phrases on your board read those out loud as often as you can.

  • If you completed the boards with friend/s schedule a 6 month check-in to see where you are with your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

  • Final Thoughts: While you can create a virtual vision board the purpose of this board is that you can display it in your home and look at it daily.

Remember your ability to dream big makes all the difference!

We want to see your vision board so make sure you tag us in your board or in your vision board party photos or share them in our Super Mamas Facebook group to inspire others. This year's #SMPosada16 sold out but make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you are the first to learn about upcoming events! 

Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017!

Thank you so much to our event sponsor and host: Munchkin

Thank you to Chef Eddie Ruiz, and Marcela Arrieta, and Michael Espinoza. 

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Photos by: Lily Ro Photography