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Super Mama of the Month - October

Super Mama of the Month

Where we feature dope mamas doing big things in their community. 

This month we’re featuring Verónica Sánchez of Los Angeles, California. She is a mom to two young daughters and as a local business owner, she not only strives hard to show her girls that nothing is impossible, but that you can help your community while doing it. 

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Verónica owns a local McDonald’s franchise in Downtown L.A. and recently partnered with the Downtown Women’s Center to give a second chance to women in need. Quick fact: An estimated 36% of the homeless population in L.A. is Hispanic, and 31% of that population is also female, often with family or children living with them. There is no easy solution to when it comes to these situations, but Verónica believes that through her franchise, she was given the opportunity to help her community. 

In the last few months, Verónica has hired seven women from the center and plans for this number to continue growing. These women are excelling in their positions and Verónica hopes to inspire other local businesses to help combat homelessness by giving a second chance to those who are committed to working hard and changing their lives. 

Q + A with Verónica Sánchez

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, and what’s keeping you busy these days. 

I am married, and together with my husband, Charlie and I have two daughters, Isabella, age 4, and Adelina, age 2, in October. Together, my parents, brother, sister, and I run our organization, of 27 McDonald's locations throughout Los Angeles, High Desert, and San Diego. When I am not in the restaurants, I love to spend time with my family. My husband and I love taking our girls to the park or finding fun things to do around Los Angeles. 

How did you start this partnership with the Downtown Women's Center and what is your mission? 

As a McDonald's owner-operator, we are always looking for ways we can help the community. When McDonald's first mentioned the Downtown Women's Center as a possible employment partnership, I jumped at the opportunity. Growing up in Los Angeles and seeing this homelessness crisis every day, I knew I needed to do something to help. This partnership just seemed to be so perfect for so many different reasons, starting with the fact that our McDonald's location is the closest to the center. The Downtown Women's Center does amazing work, and I am just happy to be a part of this partnership. 

What do you see as the future of this partnership? 

I am hoping to continue to hire women from the Downtown Women's Center and help them get a second chance. Our mistakes should not define us, and all of us deserve a second chance. I couldn't be prouder to be a part of this great partnership. I am very grateful that McDonald's allows owner-operators to be a part of programs such as these, not many brands would take the chance. 

What’s one message of encouragement that you’d like to share with women who are currently at a crossroads in their life? 

Just keep going, do not give up, I firmly believe that we are all tested, but we can overcome anything. Women are so powerful; we can do pretty much anything. To take the time to reflect on where you want to be in life. Having a vision is a powerful thing, creating a vision board or writing in a journal where you see yourself can help keep you stay focused. You never know how strong you are until there is no other choice. 

How can other businesses or volunteers get involved?

Contacting the Downtown Women's center would be the best start. The center has a day program where you can feed the women of skid row. They also have programs where they train women and help them re-enter the workforce. You can donate clothes, or your time to help prepare meals. There are so many ways businesses and volunteers can make an impact on these women's lives. 

To volunteer at the Downtown Women’s Center, visit their volunteer page.

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