My Fall Organization Goals

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I can’t believe summer is over guys. It went by super quick! We had so much fun and created so many amazing memories as a family this year, but personally, one of the biggest highlights of my summer was how much organization I got done around the house. I finally got to declutter the girls’ closet, sorted all of their clothes and donated a bunch along with toys and books.  I also finally got around to organizing my laundry closet and made sure all of my Tide Pods were stored high enough so the girls wouldn’t reach them.  

I realized what a difference those small changes have made in my house, not only visually but safety wise for the kids. After watching this Safe Kid Worldwide Video, it clicked in my head that most of the time we don’t realize how many dangerous things they have at their reach of their hands and how fast they can get to them! With that in mind, I decided to create a new organization list for me to accomplish this fall with small goals that I’m hoping will make a big difference in my house, and I wanted to share it with you so that you might get inspired and join me in making our #TidySafeCasa juntas! We can do this Super Mamas! 

My Home Office / Working Space

Living with three kids who take over every space available leaves me with limited space for myself.  My office (actually only my work desk) has become one of the few places where it can be all me. This is where I work from when I’m at home, where I pay my bills, where I organize myself, etc., but this is also the place where all of “mommy’s things “ are and I have seen that the girls can easily grab my stapler, scissors, letter opener, sharpies etc. This will be my top priority to organize in a safer way so the girls won’t be able to get their little hands where they don’t belong! 

My Car

I jumped on the minivan train a while ago and we love it so much we practically can live in it.  However, that means that you will find all sorts of things in there from shoes, super old food (yuck!), tiny toys stuck in between the seats, old crafts and more.  I’ve been thinking of making a permanent space for a mini hand-held vacuum and a portable trashcan inside the car. I also bought some back-seat organizers on our last trip and plan on installing them permanently so they can safely put their toys and crafts in there, that way they won’t leave everything on the floor and potentially end up on their mouth! (I’ve been doing my homework, guys!) 

My Yard

When I first bought our home, I was super excited about just opening our front door and letting the kids run wild and free, but it turns out they still need a lot supervision because they will always find the one thing they are not supposed to touch, eat, or climb.  Things like the leaf blower, water hose, gardening tools or even some of the weeds that grow without us noticing might be dangerous for them.  This is going to probably be a weekend (maybe two) project because I’m sure they are going to also want to play while we clean up.  But I’ll figure out a way to make it work! 

Holiday Decorations

Holiday season is just around the corner and I must confess that every year I end up over buying decorations: one, because I forget what I have, and two, because my husband is the one that stores it all and doesn’t always realize how delicate most of them are. They get damaged or even worse, broken, which is a big No-No when you are opening boxes with over-excited little kiddos who stick their little hands in without hesitation. So this year I am planning to sort them out, separate them by holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) and take pictures of the items with my mini polaroid so I can tape them outside the plastic containers. I have done that with my shoe boxes and it saves so much time!  


I am already super excited to complete this list! Every time I check one thing off, it gives me so much satisfaction that all things are finally falling into place within my home.  I know that not all of us get excited with organization, believe me, this is not my jam either, but what I have realized is that when we tackle small chunks at a time, it becomes easier and easier.  I’m excited to see what I can come up for the winter season once I’m done with this list! 

If you want more information on what some risks around your home could be, check out what Safe Kids WorldWide and Tide put together and see if you can spot the risks!