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Michelle Olvera is the founder of a culturally-relevant, trusted source and digital media platform for Latino fathers that seeks to provide support to modern dad’s.

The idea for this platform started when Michelle realized that the Latinx/multicultural father was not being addressed at-all, especially the younger millennial father. She told us,

"Somehow the GQs, Esquires don’t cut it after you become a father, right? There is a lack of ‘modern’ parental resources that speak to Latino men/fathers. I did my due diligence, found an underserved market gap, surveyed about 50 fathers on their pains, problems and wishes, then built the minimum viable product platform myself using a simple Wordpress theme and my own design, technical skills and knowledge of lean startup application. It’s not perfect yet a parental resource and content platform was born and has been well-received so far."

In countless with conversations with young fathers Michelle realized that what they wanted was tips and knowledge on how to adapt fatherhood by breaking away from being generational, traditional father approaches that tend to emphasize a rigid father figure. This is why as part of their launch, they are putting on a first-ever LatinoDad Summit 2017 on September 9th in Los Angeles that will cover topics ranging from race, toxic masculinity to wellness. 

"Men as caregivers are the real game changers in our community.”

Michelle is a serial entrepreneur and this work is closely aligned to her path in life. She believes her mission on this earth is to solve problems in our community. She is also the founder of a site that celebrates the individual & collective power of Latinas and multicultural women as feminists & culture makers. They cover politics via commentary and journalism, race/identity, pop culture and personal ‘brown girl’ narratives from influential writers, to help readers make sense of the world around them. She believes that we cannot change conditions for women without including men and their role in the conversation. 

“if I can change hearts and minds through the power of storytelling, mind shifting content products and user experience - then I found the problem I was meant to solve.”


One of Michelle’s main motivations is being a SuperTia to three Latino nephews. She helped raise two nephews, now young men 18 and 20 years old. She is now, helping to raise Joshua, the youngest at 8 months old. I have a small immediate family - so the nephews are the next generation - all boys!

She believes many factors indicate that the timing is here for First, from a marketing perspective Latino male spending is increasing as dads become more hands on in their role as caregivers. She also alludes to an important crisis of masculinity. She explained:

 “Globally, there is a crisis of violence, manhood, gender politics - a renewed feminist movement for gender equality has triggered more men into growing in their capacity to support women, but there is still a lot of work to do with men of color.”   

She is excited about bringing the conversation to “real life" with their first offline event in Los Angeles next month, LatinoDAD Summit 2017. wants to give fathers the space to explore offline and online what it means to be a father today and of course, work in synergy with the trusted brands who align with LatinoDad.Co’s mission that want to reach them.

Michelle believes a paradigm shifting happening and that we can move the needle by supporting Latino men as fathers and caregivers to raise the next generation of children with gender quality. She believes if we do that, "we will see more liberation in them and therefore, in us as females." 

We couldn’t agree more!

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