How To Get Stuff Done As A New Mom

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Life after a newborn can be filled with beautiful moments, and endless hours of taking in that new baby smell. But it also means learning a whole new way to balance our time.

We’ve often wondered what we used to do with our time before kids!

This week’s guest Rachel Gomez talked to us about how she managed to keep her business going after having a baby! She told us how she would work when the baby sleeps! She said,“You’ll be surprised how much you can get done during those one-hour spaces.”  

We know that staying active is another way to keep our brains sharp and focused, we still remember our previous guest Ana Guerrero’s tip, “I wake up early to work out. I teach a spin class at 5:30AM. If you get it done before the day starts you won’t have to worry about fitting it into your day.”

Here’a few things we recommend to make some time in your day:

Take In Inventory of Your Day: Often we will say that we don’t have time for something. But sometimes what it means is that we aren’t making it a priority. Think about how much time you spend scrolling social media or other ways in which you spend your time on things that are not of highest priority. It is definitely harder to get things done after a child but you can always carve out pockets if you set goals about what you want to prioritize. Don’t fixate on the limitations on your time but on how you can maximize 10 minute intervals.

Make “Me” Time A Part of Your Routine: Whether it’s waking up early or having time for yourself after the kids are asleep make time to decompress a part of your life. You’ll be surprised how much more you can accomplish if you give yourself time to refuel and be more relaxed. You can also use this time to nurture your next big idea!

Spend Time With Friends In a New Way: Another thing we like is the idea of having phone dates with friends if you need a session to vent, laugh or cry. (All normal emotions after having a baby). Just because you can’t meet for happy-hour like you used to ,doesn’t mean you can’t foster your friendships. These friendships are important for your mental health and will keep you emotionally strong for your kids and your life.

Encourage Your Kids to Play Independently: We are big proponents of teaching kids to play on their own and foster their imaginations. Recently, we talked about creating spaces for our kids to play. Paulina even created a space for the girls to play “dress up.”

Say No To Mom Guilt: One of the biggest reasons why we have a hard time getting things done after a baby is that we feel guilty to carve out time for ourselves or things we are passionate about. We believe that children are happy when mom is happy so our biggest tip is to always make time to keep your dreams going!