Scoring Goals with McDonalds


This week, us and a couple of super mamas had the pleasure of taking our kids to the McDonalds Soccer Clinic at the StubHub Center to practice their skills before the 2017 International Champion Cup between Manchester City and Real Madrid. The experience is one we will always remember.

As we arrived, we were surprised with two things: the coolest and cutest McDonalds soccer uniforms and the one and ONLY Ronald McDonald. Luckily, the kids had the opportunity to practice with him before the event started. 

To kick off the event, Ronald gathered us up and introduced the official soccer coaches and emcee of the day, Piolin (who need no introduction). Then the fun began!

The kids were divided into different teams, each with their own soccer coach. Max (@nardasarit), Krista, Sabina, Eduardo, Benny (@mommyinlosangeles), Xavier(@scillasticks) and Ji (@lamamacitablog) eagerly waited their turn to kick the ball. While the handsome little Kai (@thepennycloset) cheered from the sidelines with his mama. On right field,  Alexander (@pattyrodriguez), Mia (@ themotheroverload), Nia and Knox(@momdutyblog) scored some serious goals

As the session went on, we noticed a huge group of kids gathered around someone in the distance. It was non-other than the legend himself, Jared Borgetti! Everyone was freaking out (especially the husbands). Seriously. He’s a huge deal! Paulina’s husband can tell you every single detail of his famous goal against Italy in the 2002 World Cup. Basically, every major soccer fan knows who Borgetti is.

Borgetti visited every team and made the effort to interact with every single child on the field. He encouraged them to be brave and gave them confidence to go for the goal. Borgetti and Piolin were the best goalkeeper and coach any child could ask for, the perfect dynamic duo. 

Not only did the soccer clinic give our kids the opportunity to play outside, but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience to practice with a world-renowned player and further connect with a sport that plays a major role in their culture. Thank you for the amazing experience, McDonalds! Now, it’s time for us to get ready for the ICC game tonight at the Los Angeles Coliseum!  Who are you guys rooting for?