CARS 3: If you want to Dream, DO IT! I will be there for you


By: Paulina Lopez @iampaulinalopez

Today was the official release of Cars 3, the latest addition to the Cars Franchise. I have enjoyed and loved all the Cars movies, but this one is by far my favorite!  It may be the fact that this time around there is such a strong female presence in the film. As a #Super Mama of two girls and a third one on the way, I was so happy to see a character that doesn’t have to be a princess, and that proves that with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you desire even in an environment that is considered “only for boys”, just as Cristela Alonzo has done.

The movie is still based on our beloved Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), and we see all the familiar characters from the previous films, but it’s amazing to see how they came out with a whole new story, a new perspective according to the “stage of life” he is going through.  That means that if your kids still haven’t seen the previous movies, they will understand and love the story just the same.  This time around we see McQueen struggling with the fact that he might no longer be the king of the race tracks, as a new generation of “younger” more advanced and modern race cars like Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) are ready to take his place. After a devastating accident, he is faced with the tough decision of giving up or proving himself once again to his fans. 

The movie takes us along on his journey as he decides to get his throne back, but we learn many lessons along the way, like the fact that a relationship between a boy and a girl doesn’t necessarily have to become romantic.  Cruz meets McQueen’s at the super modern and technologically advanced Rust-eze Racing Center, where she is assigned as his trainer. At the beginning he resists her,  but they eventually become friends and each other’s support and inspiration on the tracks.  While trying to find his way back, Mcqueen reflects on the ones that have come behind him, his teachers and mentors, and he knows that without their knowledge and advice he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did

In the movie, we also see a hard reality that we confront every day, where women must work extra hard to prove themselves in a male dominant environment and though at times she doubts herself, Cruz finds out who she is meant to be and becomes an inspiration for McQueen himself.

Cruz Ramirez ends up showcasing her skills leaving everyone around astonished, including those of us watching the movie, I know I was surprised because I was not expecting this ending at all! It’s a huge deal for girls all over and for the Latino community that Pixar made Cruz Ramirez such an important part of this story. She's had a life long dream, and we learn that Dreaming might be uncomfortable to outsiders, but its something that we should all do! As parents it is important to know that we HAVE to support our children's dreams even if at times they sound crazy, because being there for them is the one thing they should alway count on.  


This is a movie you don’t want to miss, look for the nearest theater and check it out!

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