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Marilynn is 21 years old and the Founder of Madre Tribe a community where mothers meet, connect, and inspire. Marilynn is a graphic design student at FIDM, a military wife and mother. 

"I am still a work in progress.  But motherhood turned me into the person that I always hoped to be."

Marylinn created the group after the birth of her daughter, April Renesme who is now 14 months old. She explains that, "Loneliness is often a feeling that is felt by first-time mothers, I experienced it first-hand, and I told myself that I did not want anyone else to feel like that."

She wanted to create a group of women, who could stand tall and deal with the challenges of motherhood together. Her mission was to create a safe community for mothers. A place where they could be honest about all aspects of motherhood. Specifically she wanted to talk about the side of motherhood that she feels is often not talked about like: loss, postpartum depression, and other topic that are often,  "thrown under the rug."

Marylinn also wanted to create the antidote to the Instagram version of motherhood, "I want women to stand up strong while accepting that they are not perfect and that there is way more going on behind the pretty photos on Instagram." 

But she wanted to create a space that demonstrated different perspectives about mothers too. This is why she regularly highlights other young, hip mothers on her site.  In her interviews, they talk about everything from dealing with the regular challenges of motherhood, to their favorite song lyrics and foods. 

She hopes that mothers will connect with each other and maybe develop friendships and networks of support. "Social media is amazing and if you use it wisely, you can meet great people," she says. 

Like many members of our sisterhood, she credits her daughter as the reason for her drive and motivation. "This whole project revolves around motherhood and because of her I get to be part of this amazing community."

She also shared with us how her daughter has allowed her to step out of her comfort zone.  

"Motherhood made me strong and emotionally raw. I was always being what others wanted me to be. That all changed once I had my daughter."

In fact, after having daughter she left community college and decided to go after art. She did it to be a strong role model for her daughter.   

We asked her how she starts her mornings. She likes to start with music and fresh air.  Her and her family spend their free time eating ice cream, hanging out with loved ones, or running errands.Her number one book would be: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. 

She is currently working on arranging a small get together for the Los Angeles members of her tribe. 

"Motherhood gave me the confidence that I was missing my whole life. I realized I can do anything I want if I set my mind to it."

She is very excited about the future of her site! "I have so many visions and ideas that I want to bring to life and although it feels overwhelming at times, I know that it is possible. I already took the first leap of faith and now it is time to take ten more. "

We wish Marilynn much success in all of her endeavors! We can't wait to attend a Madre Tribe event ourselves! 

Keep up with her and her tribe of cool mom's on social: @madretribe / @marilynncristine

Visit her site: Madre Tribe