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Today we are excited to spotlight Camaille Victoria Torres, mother of 4 and founder of Boo Boo Ropa, an apparel & accessories brand focusing on the fun of being a kid (again for some) that is inspired by Latino heritage & family. Their mission is to introduce a little Latin culture to everyone using fun play on words that everyone can relate to with apparel for children and mothers.

Boo Boo Ropa is an homage to Camaille’s father who her older children affectionately called,  “Boo Boo.” But the idea for Boo Boo Ropa came during a time that Camaille describes as one of “loss and deep sorrow.” After her father, who she considered her best friend, died suddenly of cancer at the age of 64.

But life had another surprise in store for her as she found herself unexpectedly pregnant six months after his passing. It was during this time that she came up with the idea of a Spanish t-shirt line.

After becoming pregnant with her 4th child she reached out to a relative who works in product development who encouraged her to keep building on the concept. That is how Boo Boo Ropa was born and it gave Camaille an outlet for her creativity and grief.

Camaille describes that Boo Boo Ropa, “has brought her back to life and has been fulfilling in more ways than she could have imagined.” This is also a way for Camaille to teach her kids who are 4th generation Americans about who they are, and where they came from. In fact, her 4 children ages 19, 10, 5, and 2 and their unique personalities are an inspiration for her clothing line. They are also her greatest accomplishment.

But her years as an entrepreneur taught her a lot of important lessons that have helped her grow Boo Boo Ropa from a dream to a successful #sidehustle. But she is honest that mistakes have been made, and she has lost money. But she credits her fearlessness as a big factor in her success.

Camaille describes herself as an idea machine, and she gets her best ideas in her long morning showers. She even keeps a notebook nearby to write them all down. This time to herself is essential to accomplish all her family and business to do’s. She also relaxes watching her favorite TV show “Jane the Virgin,” and reading her favorite books like “Wishful Drinking,” by Carrie Fisher.

She encourages all moms to pursue their dreams, as entrepreneurship has given her, “strength, independence and lots of perspective.”It has also given her the flexibility to be there for her children. Entrepreneurship continues to make her hungry for growth.

Finally, she talked about the importance of having a supportive partner, she describes her own husband is, “the wind beneath her wings.

She hopes that maybe she can start a conversation about diversity and culture with her fun t-shirts.  

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Check out their website and follow them on Instagram @boobooropa or her personal space @camaille_victoria.