8 Binge Worthy Television Shows To Watch this Holiday Season


Now that the weather is a little cloudy, it’s the perfect time to cozy up with a blanket for some rest and relaxation and some good television! We encourage you to take advantage of the short days and put the kids to bed a little early to catch these binge worthy shows. Just remember don't stay up too late because the kids will get up early no matter what!  

There is something for everyone on this list.

Handmaid’s Tale: This one had us the edge of our seats the whole time! Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, this show has been one of Hulu’s biggest hits this year. It tells the story of a totalitarian society that takes over the United States through the eyes of a woman forced into living life as a “handmaid.” Season 2 is coming in the Spring of 2018 but you can catch Season 1 on Hulu.


Game of Thrones: It might take you a while to watch all 7 seasons of this HBO medieval fantasy filled with intrigue, and drama but it is well worth your while. Sure there’s lots of names to remember but the story and cinematics will capture you immediately. The last season is coming sometime in 2018 so you have plenty of time to catch up!


Pretty Little Lies: This show gives us a great glimpse of the life of some interesting Super Mamas but it also has a big mystery at the heart of it that comes with some surprising twists. We love seeing a show with so many cool women at the forefront. We love seeing complicated women trying to figure out motherhood, love and careers. Get ready for some playground drama with this one. Catch Season 1 on HBO

El Chapo: If you liked Narcos you will love this series which is dramatization of the real rise and fall of Mexico’s most notorious drug lord El Chapo Guzman. This biographical thriller co-produced by Univision released a second season earlier this year. You can catch it on Netlfix.

Club de Cuervos: This was Netflix’s first Spanish language show and it’s like the novelas we grew up watching except you can’t watch it with the kids are around. It tells the story of two siblings who inherit a soccer team after the death of their father. It has intrigue, soccer rivalries and so much more fun. Catch all 3 seasons on Netflix.

The Defiant Ones: If you need some inspiration to get out there and build your dreams this is for you! This HBO mini-series tells the series of the unexpected partnership between Dr. Dre and and Producer Jimmy Iovine. They take us from their beginnings with some of music legends like NWA, and Patty Smith to their ground breaking partnership with Apple. Seriously, this was one of our favorite things and we might just watch it again to get us pumped for 2018.

Veep: Politics lately can be quite depressing and so we like to balance our hard reality with some political fun courtesy of this HBO hit. The show tells the story of Selina Meyer who becomes VP and later the first female president of the United States. Her staff is hilarious and show us a side of politics we don’t often see. Get ready to LOL.


This Is Us: Unless you have been living under a rock lately you have definitely heard of this show. We haven’t stopped crying since the show started. It’s just a perfect watch for those of us deep in the trenches of motherhood and life. It shows the up’s and down’s of the Pearson triplets as they go through various stages of their lives. We won’t tell you more because we really want you to watch it! The second season is currently airing weekly NBC and you can catch the replays on Hulu.

Tell us your favorite shows in the comment section!