Episode 186- Raising Multiracial Children and Speaking on Social Impact with Elsa Marie Collins


This week on the show we have the lovely, Elsa Marie Collins- social impact leader, activist and all-around powerhouse of a woman. She is the co-founder of social impact consulting group, The Ideateur and lead LA organizer of #ThisIsAboutHumanity. She talks to us about pivoting careers, turning her passion for social impact and politics into a business, being the mother of three multiracial children, talking to her children about race & so much more.

Our Conversation with Elsa Marie Collins

Her purpose and mission in creating BabyTalk LA

How the 2016 election and a vocal injury led to the creation of The Ideateur

& This is About Humanity - her social impact project

How she splits her time into both of her businesses

Recommitting to understanding “no” as a complete sentence

How she balances motherhood and her passions

Receiving and accepting help

Marrying out her race & the response from her family

Her article, “How to Talk to your Kids about Race” & raising multiracial children

Follow Elsa and her projects on Instagram as @ThisIsAboutHumanity, @TheIdeateur and @ElsaMarieCollins.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Elsa swears by her 16oz of pure celery juice- invest in a juicer! She’s seen a huge decline in her acid reflux and her daughter’s eczema has disappeared. Who’s down to try??

Paulina is choosing to compost! Here’s a guide on what it is and how to do it.

In her efforts in making Eduardo Jr. speak more spanish, she’s seeing a lot of success with Originator’s app, Endless Spanish.


Episode 185: Re-Parenting Ourselves & Unpacking Intergenerational Trauma with Latinx Parenting

lizeth and leslie.jpeg

This week on the show we have the co-founders of Latinx Parenting, Leslie Priscilla Arreola-Hillenbrand and Lizeth Toscano. Rooted in social justice, this bilingual organization curates parenting workshops for intergenerational families to practice nonviolence towards themselves, self reflection & connection and overall community wellness for every generation. We unpack the common traumas in our community, how it affects our parenting and explain terms like “Marianismo” and "Familismo” and more.

Before the interview, Bricia gives us an inside on her wild mom’s night out and the perfect unknown park in LA- don’t worry, we’ll share. Click here. Also, Paulina explains why she and her girls LOVED Captain Marvel.

Our conversation with Latinx Parenting

How Latinx Parenting began

The importance of our community understanding brain development and trauma

The most common traumas Latinx parents are struggling with

How our traumas are manifesting in our parenting

Tips of creating boundaries with our parents/in-laws

The importance of being culturally relevant to both intergenerational immigrant and U.S. born Latinx families

You can get in contact with both Lizbeth & Leslie visit their website, www.latinxparenting.org or follow them on Instagram as, @LatinxParenting. You can also follow Lizeth on IG as @LizToscano & Leslie as @comadre.wellness.

For more information on their events, check them out here.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Lizeth’s book recommendations:

The Whole Child
Unconditional Parenting

Lizeth also recommends getting yourself some peppermint and breathe doTerra essential oils from @AceiteMama to fight off any colds! Also, Elderberry has been working wonders for her.

Leslie’s book recommendations:

Parenting From the Inside Out

Parenting with Pride- Latino Style

Raising Nuestros Ninos


The Deepest Well

To add to Lizeth’s flu-fighting remedies, Bricia has concocted a special tea- Respiratory Blend from Wild Terra, chopped up ginger, 2 drops of doTerra lemon essential oil & crushed up zinc pill. She has been packing this lukewarm and sending Eddie off to school with it.


Episode 184: A Mother’s instinct, Baby Zixta Hospital Scare


This week on the show, Paulina catches us up on her past 2 weeks and her 9 days in the hospital after baby Zixta was diagnosed with pneumonia, bronchitis and RSV. She's here to unload and process what happened, how she dealt with everything, how she and Zixta are doing and what she learned from this experience. 

She also shares some advice for moms going through a similar situation, advice for friends/family who know someone going through the similar situation and the value of being present in your life. It’s a cliche but things change within a split second.

Pick or Tip of the Week

During her hospital visit, Paulina learned a couple of things about mucus and diaper rashes. Here are her fav picks to ease both: Pressure Drum Massage & Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment

Bricia recently partnered with the Milk Processor Board to create delicious recipes which you view on her website, here: Mole & More.

Also, did you know that you can know earn money by buying milk? The California Milk Processor Board launched "Moo Money", its first-ever consumer loyalty program! Through April 28, 2019, whenever you buy real milk, all you have to do is snap a picture of their receipt and submit it to www.moomoney.com to receive points into your account. Visit their website to learn more and register! Don’t leave money on the table.


Episode 183: Poop, Bloating, Mind/Gut connection & more with Dietician, Sarah Greenfield

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 5.01.45 PM.png

Struggling with stomach issues? Well, this episode is for you! This week on the show, we talk all about our digestive health with registered dietician and poop aficionado, Sarah Greenfield AKA Fearless Fig. We learn key strategies to improve our poops, aid constipation, ways to decrease bloating, the magic of enzymes and how our mind plays a HUGE role in gut health. If this doesn’t make you serious about your poops, we don’t know what will.

Want to work with Sarah or learn more? Follow her on IG as @FearlessFig and visit her website, FearlessFig.com.

Our conversation with Sarah Greenfield

What exactly is poop made out of?

How many times a day is considered normal?

How can we read our poop?

The connection between the mind and the gut

Supplements to avoid and supplements to integrate into your diet

Constipation, farting & ways to decrease bloating

Stomach parasites

Broad Spectrum Enzymes- what they are & why we need them

How our diet affects our poop

Positioning on the toilet

Pick or Tip of the Week

Sarah is super into dry brushing right now. It exfoliates you skin, leaving it super soft and leaves it plumped and radiant due to an increase in circulation.

Paulina loves her WaterWipes, which are 99.9% water. As Sarah said, the skin around our butt is very thin and it can easily absorb toxins, so it’s best to stay away from strong fragrance wipes.

Bricia loves her lavender and vanilla Poo-Pourri, Be sure to spray before pooping! It doesn’t work as well post-poop. Since we’re still in flu season, she swears by the doTERRA Oregano & Lemon oil. She puts 6 drops of oregano & 2 drops of lemon in a vegetarian capsules and takes it every 3 days during the flu season. She also takes this Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.


Fearless Fig resources

Bristol Stool Chart

Fearless Mind Program

3-Month Program


Enzyme Magic via @FearlessFig

HUM Nutrition- Flatter Me

Enzyme Science- Intolerance Complex

Pure Encapsulations- Digestive Enzymes Ultra


HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse

Probiotics/ Chlorella/ Spirulina / Zinc / Ox Bile/ Magnesium


V-Day Bonus Episode: Dating/Relationship Q&A with Dating Coach, Damona Hoffman


Happy Valentines Day, ladies! We are bringing you a very special V-Day bonus episode with dating coach, TV personality and Dates & Mates podcast host, Damona Hoffman to answer YOUR dating/relationship questions submitted via Instagram.

We touch on single mom dating tips, warning signs to break up with someone, casual versus serious dating, flirting/dating tips, dating after a break-up, sleeping with someone on the first date, how to date your own spouse, plus so many more relationship/dating gems.

Q&A with Damona Hoffman

How did you get into being a dating coach?

Who should go see you?

What are your dating tips for single moms?

How long until they meet your kids?

Casually dating versus serious dating

Where can 40 somethings meet men when online is not working?

Flirting tips

First date tips

Sleeping with someone on the first date

How do you talk about becoming official?

What are the signs to break-up with someone?

Is there a right time to start dating after a big break up?

How do you deal with your own crazy exes in a new relationship? Do you tell your new partner about them?

Dating with you’re married (with your partner, not other people)

Like what you heard? Listen to Damona’s Podcast, Dates & Mates plus follow her on IG as @DamonaHoffman and visit her website DamonaHoffman.com for all the fun resources mentioned on the show, such as the Relationship Bootcamp course.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Damona’s tip is using TaskRabbit to outsource small tasks to free up your time! At the end of the day, it’ll reduce stress between you and your spouse AND allow that freed up time to be spent together

Paulina and her husband LOVE going to the movies for their date nights. She recommends using Fandango as a resource to book your own movie date. You can find a dine-in movie theater that serves food & drinks inside, plus select your seats before arriving. It’s super easy!

After our interview with water healer Rocio Navarro, Bricia booked her appointment and the results are in- IT’S LIFE CHANGING! She recommends you booking your appointment asap. You can use Steamy Chick as a resource as well.


Episode 181: Keeping it Real with the Super Mamás


This week on the show we bring you a very special segment where we discuss YOUR super mamá moments of the month presented by FuertesConLeche.com. We also catch you up on what’s going on in our lives- from Krista’s girl scout cookies (& Bricia’s “mole-quitas” proposal), an update on Eddie’s birthday party and we share the perfect recipe for any classroom on Valentine’s Day.

Want to join us in making churros for your class this year for Valentine’s Day? Check out our blog post on Bricia’s churro recipe, here. Make sure to add a bit more salt, per Paulina’s request 🤣 & take a gallon of delicious milk for everyone.

If you want to opt for cookies, check out some recipes out on Fuertes con Leche

Super Mamá Moments of the Month

“I’m Aileen Saucedo with Zeal pressed Juicery in my super mama moment this week was on Sunday when I was invited to speak at the manifest workshop here in Bakersfield and to just share on how I was able to manifest my dreams through the vision board that I created back in 2016 it was my first time speaking to a large group of women and it was so nervous I wanted to bars every time I thought about it but I’m so glad and thankful that I got the opportunity to speak and to inspire other women to dream wildly just as I did!”

@gratitudejoy: I baked my sons’ birthday cake & he loved it

@wonderwoman714: Potty training a 2 year old old.. Head strong but momma puede mas!

@Mayrita_a: Went to the gym, i didn’t want to but I did! Mommy time is important too

@Isabelcirina: Pulled a muscle on my back and almost fainted but managed to breastfeed while waited for help
@raisingspanish: Flew to Houston to help my sister with her business while juggling my real job over the phone and my husband

@madriana91: Gave another mom a bandaid after the birthday girl got a papercut while opening a gift
@iamnormaelizabeth: I sat at my daughter’s cheer competition for 10 hours

@misraicesysemillas: FINALLY started my blog after years of procrastination, 4 kids & being 32 weeks pregnant!

@lizgonzal_f: Partied so hard for SuperBowl, woke up at 7:45. My son starts school at 7:50 #momfail

Want to be featured on our new segment of Super Mama Moments? Email us at hello@supermamas.com or give us a call at (424) 326-3707 to have your moment on the show!

Pick or Tip of the Week

Paulina gave us a couple of great ways to incorporate milk in your every day! Add milk to frijoles to make them creamy, corn flakes, leche & platano is always a winner or make yourself a delicious licuado de platano y nuez or de fresa and top it off with some ground cinnamon & the best part of it all, is that it’s nutritious- From whole milk to flavored to fat-free milk – even lactose free milk, all of them contain 9 essential nutrients, including 8 grams of high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium.

You know what else pairs AMAZING with milk? Girls Scout Cookies! Support Krista’s troop by buying your cookies online, here.

If you’re planning on gifting a new mom baby clothes, think again! Bricia recommends purchasing The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother. The baby most likely already has everything she/he needs so focusing on the health of the mother is the next on the list!


Episode 180: Teen Mental Health with Latinx Therapy

Elephant Shirt- smile.jpg

This week on the podcast we tackle teen mental health with Latinx Therapy’s, Adriana Alejandre. Adriana is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Speaker that specializes in teens and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression and trauma. We talk social media, how to talk to our kids about bullying, what teenagers need from their parents, troubling signs to be aware of, body image, gender identity, what therapy looks like & so much more. Moms to teens, this one is for you.

Adriana owns her own practice in Porter Ranch, Counseling and Trauma Therapy. She is also the founder of Latinx Therapy, the podcast and directory to not only find a bilingual Latinx mental health professional, but the place to learn more about taboo-like topics in our culture. 

Adriana was also a single teen mother and has an almost 9 year old son. Giving particular attention to her mental health during the birth of her son helped her realize that she was not alone, and it was this experience that motivated her to specialize in teens. Adriana has been featured in CosmopolitanFairyGodBossHello GigglesAC OnlineFierce by MituUnivision and more.

Our conversation with Adriana Alejandre

When did you start LatinX Therapy?

What types of topics do you specialize in?

What motivated you to start Latinx therapy?

What kind of issues most common amongst teens these days?

What are some things that you would recommend to parents to manage social media usage?

Bullying & Social Media

How can we speak to our teenagers that are going through bullying

What do teenagers need from their parents?

What are some signs that we can identify to take our kids that’s an indicator that they should go see a therapist?

How do you bring up therapy to your child?

What is the best age to talk about mental health to your child

What to deal with THAT friend of your chid’s

How can parents keep that connection with their teen?

How do we address body image with our teens (especially girls)

Gender identity

What is the best way, we as parents can help relieve our kids stress?

What can we expect from taking our teen to therapy

What types of therapy are there for teens?

What does a counseling session look like?

For more information and/or to reach out to Adriana, follow @LatinxTherapy on IG and visit latinxtherapy.com.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Adriana’s tip is to attend a parenting support group in your area. Google “parent support group” and find your closest location and check out her recommended books, here. Also, If you’re a Modern Family fan, watch S.10 Ep.14 where they tackle depression.

If you’re still on the fence about therapy, Paulina recommends reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle. This great book outlines how therapy can work for you.

Bricia’s tip to every parent is to watch two movies: Eighth Grade( It outlines the issues that were spoken throughout this interview and how we can all get informed as parents) & Wonder (beautiful film that will show your kid empathy).


Episode 179: How to talk about Money with your Partner & Finances 101 with Natalie Torres-Haddad MPA, AWA

holding my book.jpg

This week on the show we have TEDx speaker, award-winning author, financial literacy & mental heath advocate, Natalie Torres-Haddad  MPA, AWA. We talk all about personal finances- from how to have a conversation about money with your partner, what to ask in that conversation, best way to budget, what “runaway spending” really means for you, eliminating debt, real estate and fun tips and tricks to cut unnecessary spending.

Before the interview, Bricia and Paulina talk about planning Eddie’s FIRST birthday party. it’s the first time Bricia will have other kids over (besides the cousins) and the only time of the year Eddie will be able to end candy! We can’t wait for the pics, amiright?

Today’s episode is filled with lots of tips and tricks so be sure to write things down!

Our Conversation with Natalie Torres- Haddad

What does an MPA, AWA specialize in?

Where did this passionate for financial literacy come from?

How do I start the conversation about money with my partner?

How do I save money with my partner?

What do you advice couples to do with combining a savings account?

Having something for yourself before relying on someone else

Mount Saint Mary’s University - The Report on the Status of Women & Girl in CA

“Runaway Spending” , The Cafe Latte Factor & The Trickle Down Affect

Natalie’s 30-day challenge

How do you keep track of everything?

Switching from paperless to paper bills

Creating a space for yourself when paying your bills

Reason why you should get your kids involved at an early age

How do I get out of debt

How do you expect me to save, when I’m living paycheck to paycheck?

When is the best time to shift from saving to investing?

What is the best first real estate purchase?

Natalia’s“Yes You Can Without SuperMan” book announcement

To get in contact with Natalie visit her website, Financially Savvy Latina and follow her on IG @FinanciallySavvyLatina. Be sure to comment your favorite part of your episode on our IG post about today’s episode for your chance to win a ticket to the Financially Fit Makeover Workshop on Feb 2nd. Didn’t get lucky? Visit their website for 50% off the ticket, courtesy of Natalie!

Pick or Tip of the Week

If there is one word to manifest in 2019, Natalia suggest that it should be “FRUGAL.” Making that choice can make a world of a difference for you and your family. Remember, you can still be fun, fabulous AND frugal.

If you haven’t checked out The All New Suze Orman’s Women & Money Podcast, Paulina has been LOVING it. It’s a no bs, straight to the point financial podcast for women. Gain your financial independence now!

Bricia shares her experience with almost declaring bankruptcy and helps us rethink what our our financial options are and the benefits of being financially free.

Links/ Events

4th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Justice Conference at UC Berkeley on February 10th

Mindfulness: The art of designing your life and a prosperous year, March 3, 2019- Use offer code: Super Mamas for $100 off the ticket price

David Bach Finance Books


Playing with Fire: the documentary


Episode 178: Water healing & Vaginal Steaming with Energy & Sound healer, Rocio Navarro


This week on the show, we have water healer, aquatic bodyworker, holistic healing artist, Vaginal Steam Hydrotherapist, Ceremonialist, Spiritual Counselor, Energy and Sound Healer - Rocio Navarro. She takes us through her journey in becoming a water healer, the water healing experience, the benefits of vaginal steaming, the lowdown on cramping, cranio-sacral therapy, the importance connecting with our womb-self and the value of gaining a state of surrender within oneself, plus so much more.

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia give us a quick update on their lives. Paulina is having a pretty positive experience with Arian Simone’s Fearless Faith + Hustle: 21 Day Devotional Journey and she’s even following through with one of her New Year resolutions! Yay, Paulina!

Our conversation with Rocio Navarro

How did you begin your water healing journey?

Water Healing

What do people experience while their submerged? What do they discover about themselves?

What are some impactful breakthroughs you’ve experienced as a healer?

How long is a session?

How often would you recommend someone go through this?

Vaginal Steaming

Where did vaginal steaming originate?

What are the benefits?

Who would you recommend it to?

The lowdown on cramping

When is the best time in your cycle to do this?

Vaginal steaming from start to finish-How long, are you naked, does it hurt? What does it feel like?

Cranio-sacral therapy

The importance of our connection with our womb-self

For more information and to contact Rocio, visit her website https://www.rocionavarro.org & follow her on IG @water_healing for updates on her upcoming events. Interested in attending her next Hot Spring Sound bath? Buy tickets here.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Rocio suggests swapping out your Epsom salt bathes for Magnesium flakes/salt during your next bath. It’ll help you sleep and promotes healthy brain function.

Paulina swears by the Melissa oil from DoTerra. She rubbed it onto her baby’s heals every night and it 100% made a difference in calming her down.

Bricia’s tip is to rotate your underwear out every year and purchase 100% cotton (or bamboo) underwear. Think about it. Your 2 year old chonies need to go.

Additional Links

Steamy Chick

Chrissy Teigen


Episode 177: Keeping it Real with Claudette Zepeda Wilkins


With her purple hair and all her realness, we have the incredible and unapologetic Claudette Zepede Wilkins back on the show this week,  presented by FuertesConLeche.com! This past Friday we drove down to San Diego to share our moments of tradition with Milk and got down on THE most delicious breakfast at her new restaurant, El Jardín. We sat down and talked about realizing her dream, learning how to accept compliments, embracing our traditions and food, to her recipes and we relived moments about our childhood that we LOVED.

Before the interview, you know who has the keys? Not Paulina, that’s for sure. Paulina takes us through her key adventure which is a great lesson to everyone: get yourself a spare key. Also, SHOUT OUT to our San Diego moms for taking the time to enjoy some matcha with us. WE LOVED MEETING YOU ALL!


What was your goal in opening El Jardin?

Where do you source your ingredients?

Mexicans embracing Mexican food 

Including our children in our family business

What inspired today’s Milk Menu?

Remembering the moments with milk from our childhood. Who else can eat corn flakes, leche and platano everyday?

Claudette’s recipes with Milk

Why milk is a key ingredient in our traditional dishes

Why milk is important for our kids

Reinventing what “poor mans food” is

What is it like now to have a 13 & 15 year old

Claudette’s first episode with us: EPISODE 101: THE SCHOOL OF LIFE WI/ CLAUDETTE ZEPEDA WILKINS

How would u have been different as a daughter now that you’re a mom?


Holy Matcha 



Episode 176: Overcoming Anxiety & Feeling Truly Free this 2019


Happy 2019!

Paulina and Bricia are back and ready to take on the new year. Did you notice how minimal we posted during the holidays? Well, we’re here to give you a full breakdown of what happened in those two weeks. We share both Bricia and Paulina’s dream Christmas vacations, their new perspective on overcoming anxiety/fear and their 2019 resolutions.

Topics we hit:

  • Transitioning back into work life after the holiday season

  • Their choice of being more MIA than usual from social media in the past two weeks

  • What we decided to do regarding gifts & ideas we received from you guys!

  • Paulina’s New Year’s getaway to San Diego & Tijuana

  • Bricia’s ultimate Christmas Getaway to Mammoth: how she planned it, where she got all her snow gear (SHOUT OUT REI), her snowboarding lessons & the challenges/feelings she encountered while learning

New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Paulina: learn how to ride a bike, be more active regardless of the activity (hiking & dancing are on top of her list) & to find peace/calmness to prevent anxiety and fear that has prevented her to accomplish her goals in the past. Also, she’s going to begin writing HER story. Who else is excited for this?

  • Bricia: learn how to fall in love with the process and journey rather than the end result. Amen.

Homework Assignment via Bricia

  1. Watch the movie 8th Grade

  2. Create your vision board- Need help? Check out our blog post.

  3. Write a letter for yourself behind your vision board. Check out an example, here.

  4. Record yourself telling your 2019 self what you would want to hear from yourself at the end of the year. Watch it again at the end of 2019.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Bricia- Listen to Second Life’s interview with JLO. OMG the woman is amazing

Paulina- Grab Arian Simone’s new book “Fearless Faith + Hustle: 21 Day Devotional Journey.” A 21-day devotional journey for female entrepreneurs written to increase your walk with God while applying spiritual principles to your life and business. Arian Simone is an absolute badass, you definitely want to add this to your morning routine.


Episode 175: Keeping Up with the Super Mamás- Holidays 2018


Today on the show, Paulina and Bricia talk all about Christmas. Sabinas holiday performance, realizing they don’t have “traditional” traditions, Christmas gifting and creating new traditions within their own families. It’s also our last episode in 2018 and we want to thank you all again for being with us on this motherhood journey! See you all in 2019.

Last Pick(s) of 2018!

Paulina suggests do one thing that REALLY excites you before the year ends. She did a 10k and she felt amazing and ready for 2019. Also, DO YOUR VISION BOARD! & Go to Target and shop for your holiday portraits. Cat & Jack, we see you 👀!


Episode 174: Our SM 2018 Baby Holiday Gift Guide- explained & #SMPosada18 Recap


This week on the podcast, we talk all about our FIRST-EVER baby holiday gift guide brought to you by Target! Paulina walks us through each pick and discusses why you should grab this gift for your friend, sister or even yourself.

For the full list of links, visit our blog post: Super Mamás 2018 Baby Holiday Gift Guide. When you spend $50 on baby toys at Target you get a $10 coupon in return! This ends 12/15 so hurry! While you’re there, check out Cat & Jack for the outfits for your kids. It’s Holiday Portrait Season so #BePrepared. Don’t feel like getting out of your car? Try out their Drive-Up feature via the Target Cartwheel App. Watch our adventure on our IGTV!

We also talk all about the #SMPosada18, how it all got started, what happened behind the scenes & Bricia’s Christmas PJ Party the night before. It’s was one fun and inspiring-filled weekend ⚡️

Want to make your own board at home? Check out our blog post on how to make a vision board, here. Also, want to make the night more interesting? Invite a couple of friends over, ask them to each bring 3 $5 bills and play Bricia’s game-night go-to Left, Right, Center. Someone can walk aways with $120.

Thank you to Harlow Planning (& dad), Madre Florals, Luz Warrior from Let there be Luz Podcast, Wendy Amara, Melissa Banos, Churro Service, Violeta, Liz Trejo and Liz Lopez for making our Super Mamás Vision Board Posada the best yet!

To see everything from #SMPosada18, check out our blog post: Vision Board Posada 2018.

For more information on Manifest Day, check them out here. Also, want a little inspiration of what to write in the back of your vision board. Here is Melissa’s letter:


Episode 173: Our SM 2018 Holiday Gift Guide-explained!


This week on the show, we talk all about our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve reviewed and selected some of our year’s favorite picks (plus a few new ones) and created a guide that is perfect for your fellow super mamá/sister/comadre. Before getting into it, we also talk about the spirit of Christmas and tree decorating.

For the full list and links of the items on our gift guide, visit our blog post! Comment below which gift you’re planning on gifting or the item you want for yourself ;)


Episode 172: The Power of Giving with Cynthia Perez


This week on the show we have our dear longtime friend Cynthia Perez to talk about the power of giving. Since Cynthia was young, she knew she wanted to be a donor and this year, Cynthia’s dream was realized. She donated her kidney to a family friend without any hesitation. She takes us through her journey and talks about some of the challenges she faced, her husband’s undeniable support, her family’s reaction, her recovery and the misconception around organ donation in the Latino community. Cynthia takes the power of giving to a whole new level.

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia talk about their Thanksgiving plans (check out this Harper’s Bazaar article), Paulina’s “Spartan Race” (LOL) and Bricia’s eventful weekend with her husband in Santa Barbara.

Check out Cynthia’s yummy baking creations by following her on the gram, @pastelcakeandconfections .

Our conversation with Cynthia Perez

Who is Cynthia Perez- tell us about a bit about yourself?

Who is Julian to you? 

What was the process of donating your kidney like?

How long did the entire process take from your decision to donate your kidney to the procedure?

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced?

How long was your recovery?

Did you go through some sort of therapy beforehand?

How did you explain to this your family? 

How has your body been affected post surgery? 

What lesson do you hope your daughters/husband/family/our listeners can take from this?

How is Julian today?

How do we confront the misconceptions regarding donating an organ? 

How is your life today as a donor?

Lifespan of a living kidney donor

If you or someone you know is interested in donating an organ, here are a couple of resources with plentiful information: 

www.unos.org – living donation organization

www.kidney.org – help people affected with all kinds of kidney disease;

www.georgelopezfoundation.org – helps raise awareness with underprivileged children, military regarding health and education and awareness with kidney and organ donation

www.donatelife.net – Register yourself to be a donor.

Pick or Tip of the Week

Cynthia’s tip is to never underestimate the power of feeling gratitude, but also expressing it. Say thank you not only this week, but every day. Also, make your appointment with the Santa at The Grove, they offer incredible service.

Paulina and Bricia’s tip is to visit Target for incredible Black Friday deals like these:


Episode 171: Business Owner, Mom & Veteran, Blanca Bribiesca


This Tuesday we are honoring all those who have given their service to our country with an interview with business owner, mom and veteran, Blanca Bribiesca. Blanca served 15 years in the United Stated Marine Corps and is now a business owner of the boutique HABITAT in Joshue Tree. We talk about how her time in the Marines manifested into motherhood, why she decided to serve, her experiences with each deployment and her journey as a new business owner. Thank you for your service, Blanca!

You can find Blanca on IG as @casa.de.bribiesca & her shop @shophabitat2.

Before the interview, Bricia talks about the wedding she’s attending and Paulina talks about her upcoming Spartan race. Has anyone done the Spartan Sprint?? Comment below any tips/tricks!

Our Interview with Blanca Bribiesca

Tell us a bit about yourself.

What did that bravery come from?/ Did you always want to do that?

How was Marine Training?

Deployment & the differences between men and women in service

How has being in the marines manifested in motherhood?

What do you remember from each deployment that has made an impact on who you are today?

What is the message you’ve learned from your time?

How or do you even explain to your children of you and your husband’s experiences?

How do you practice that center-ness?

What are some military routines (for kids & adults)?

Tell us about how you started with HABITAT?

How is living in a base?

What are some misconceptions that you hear about your service?

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced when opening HABITAT?

How are you going to celebrate Veterans Day?

Pick or Tip of the Week

Blanca is loving Yerba Mate Tea right now. It gives her the caffeine kick she’s looking for without the inevitable crash of coffee.

Paulina pick is Amy Schumer’s movie, I Feel Pretty, which you can stream on Netflix! It’s a movie about body positivity and self love- & we all need some of that. Paulina also looking to Cat & Jack for the girl’s Thanksgiving dinner outfits. Who else dresses up for Thanksgiving when you’re only going to be around family?

Bricia’s pick is the audiobook, Own the Day, Own your Life by Aubrey Marcus. It’s basically the ultimate self help book that will guide you to optimize every single moment of your day. If your master your day, you can then master your life. It’s a great listen on your way to work.


Episode 170: Getting a hold on our relationship with Time with Life & Business Coach Wendy Amara

Wendy-19 (1).jpg

Happy Holidays! It’s finally November, Thanksgiving is two weeks away and the year is almost over. Where did the time go?! Well, returning guest and life coach Wendy Amara will help you answer that question. Today we talk all about time management, strategies we can apply to our own lives to increase productivity, how we can change our perspective of time to create and build a healthier relationship with it, how everyone should start their day, the difference between urgent & important, & more.

Before the episode, Bricia and Paulina gives us an update. Bricia with Eduardo and Paulina with sleep training all the girls, especially Zixta.

Get in contact with Wendy by visiting her website and schedule your free introductory call at WendyAmara.com or give her a call at (818) 395-2645. ALSO she’s having an amazing event on November 11th, for more information check out manifestday,com & @manifest_day on IG.

Our Conversation with Wendy Amara

(9:00) What is a life & business coach? Check out our last episode with Wendy, here

(11:50): What is time management

(14:07): What are some productivity strategies that we can apply to our lives? Some of the questions we must ask ourselves:

  • How am I spending my time? Where is my time going?

  • What are my priorities? What do I want to spend my time doing?

  • What is the experience/feeling I want to have?

  • Do I respect my time? Do others respect my time? What is my relationship with my time?

(17:25): Being 100% in control of my time BUT how do I with 3 kids?

(19:21): A mom’s relationship with time

(28:00): How should someone start their day? 

(30:00): What millionaires do at the beginning of their day?

(30:48): How far in advance can we plan our lives?

(33:45): Should we be writing all these things down?

(35:00): How do we eliminate distractions?

(44:55): What is the difference between things that are urgent and things that are important?

(47:35): Why do you think it’s so hard for us to delegate tasks to other people? 

(51:10): How can we motivate ourselves? What are some examples of motivation?

Pick or Tip of the Week

(56:35): Wendy suggests naming your calendar. It’ll help you learn how to own your time and start building a relationship with it.

(58:10): After building her workspace, Paulina’s tip is for you to do that same. Clean out your clutter, get yourself a happy light and get to work.

(59:55): Bricia’s this week is Target’s new service, Drive Up. You basically, go into the Target app, place your order and then drive up to your Target and the items will be brought out to your car! You can get baby food, snacks, diapers and basically everything that is non-perishable & it’s super quick and super easy.


Episode 169: Spooky Halloween Stories with the Super Mamás


Boo! It’s Halloween and the Super Mamás talk spooky stories and picking out supplies for their DIY costumes at their favorite store, Target. From Paulina’s Disney family inspo, to the King of Pop, we got Halloween on lock. Also, Bricia talks about her scary/weird story with lil Eduardo and Paulina talks about her Halloween story with “Amanda” at her old apartment back in the day. Happy Halloween Super Mamás!

Happy Halloween with the Super Mamás:

(3:00): Paulina’s halloween costume inspiration


(7:40): Baby Eduardo’s DIY Halloween costume

(9:00): Earning your mom badge with DIY activities, school projects and cooking

(12:09): Bricia’s scary/weird story with her son

(24:28): Paulina’s ~spooky~ story

(32:40): The difference between the US and Mexico during Halloween

Our Pick/Tip of the Week

(33:20): Struggling to find last minute costume ideas today? Visit your local Target and pick up something like this: Unicorn Mascot Costume Head

Also, in a rush? Download the Target App and use their new Drive Up service. Bricia has been using this A LOT lately. You place your order directly on the app, then once you park, your items are brought out to your car by a Target member! Easy peasy.

Episode 168: Sleep Training & Beyond with Sweet Dreams LA's KIMBERLY VON SLOMSKI


This week on the show we talk sleeping! From the youngest to the oldest in the family, how can we all get more sleep? How can we deal with the upcoming time change? What is the best Sleeping routine? These and many more questions are answered by sleep training expert, Kimberly Von Slomski- founder of Sweet Dreams LA.  Kimberly has worked with babies and children for the past 23 years and is a Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, and Lactation Educator Counselor. She believes that babies and parents alike need sleep for happiness and well being (Yaaass to more sleep!!).

Before the interview, Paulina and Bricia talk #LibraSeason birthdays and their upcoming plans for the holidays. Bricia just wants a white Christmas, is that too much to ask for?! 😫

You can find more information about Kimberly by visiting SweetDreamsLA.com & by following her on IG at @SweetDreams.LA.


(11:40): Tell us a little bit about yourself/ how did you get into this profession/ how long have you been doing it?

(14:16): What age range do you specialize in?

(14:45): What is sleep training?

(16:00): What is your position on the cry-it out sleep training method?

(19:00): Paulina’s experience with the crying out method

(20:20): Is it harder to train babies a year later?

(21:50): Babies sleeping alone vs sleeping with siblings

(23:50): Breastfeeding & Sleep training recommendations

(25:13): How does a session work with you? How do you determine whats the best action for a baby?

(29:00): How many hours of sleep should a baby be getting?

(31:00): Daylight savings is coming up, do you have any tips we can implement in our sleep routines?

(32:50): Tips for Daylight Savings time for older kids

(33:48): How do you determine sleep problems in kids?

(38:10): What is a good bedtime routine for babies/toddlers?

(40:50): How do you stop kids to coming into your bed?

(42:20): Babies moving into their toddler bed tips

(43:20): It’s the weekend and I want to sleep more, how can my kids sleep more?

(46:35): Traveling! How do you adjust your kid to a new time zone? & thoughts on melatonin

Pick or Tip of the Week

(49:28): Bricia’s Cloud Island Blackout curtains were/are key for her getting Eddie to sleep & after this conversation she is 100% purchasing the Hatch Baby Rest Night Light & Sound Machine

(50:12): Paulina's tips are 1. Get a great baby monitor 2. Wink Naturals Kid's Sleep Melts

(52:48): For families who travel or are planning on traveling, Kimberly recommends packing black trash bags and painters tape to tape the windows in hotel rooms for instant black out curtains! Genius 🙌🏽


Episode 167: The Love & Strength of a Mother with Cindy Shank & Rudy Valdez from HBO's, The Sentence


This week on the show, Paulina sits down with Rudy Valdez and Cindy Shank- the brother and sister behind the new HBO documentary, The Sentence. The Sentence explores the devastating consequences of mass incarceration and mandatory minimum drug sentencing through the story of Cindy, a mother of three young children and told through the eyes and camera of her younger brother, Rudy Valdez.

HBO’s The Sentence is now on demand on HBO GO, HBO NOW! Make sure to check your local listings. Also, follow the movie on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Our Conversation with Rudy Valdez

(7:58): What part of Mexico is your family from?

(9:00): What got you into filmmaking?

(10:50): How did this experience change/affect your family? How did it change you?

(13:05): How are your nieces now?

(14:50): You fought many years for the freedom of your sister. I imagine that you had moments of weakness ... how did you overcome them?

(16:56): How did the family react to the idea of filming a documentary and exposing the family situation to the public?

Our Conversation with Cindy Shank

(23:10): Tell us a little bit about what happened leading up to your prison sentence (so listeners get a better background of what happened)

(24:00): What did it feel like to be away from your family for so long- what was going through your mind when they came to your door?

(25:10): The importance of the father

(26:30): How did it change you? How did you come out of it?

(27:50): The issue on shame

(28:50): Describe the feeling of finding out you had been granted early release.

(29:35): How did this whole experience affect your daughters? Any tips to pass along to our mothers/mothers who may be going through the same/similar experience or know someone who is?

(31:20): The ultimate bond between a parent and a child

(31:55): How did you acclimate to life outside? Did you find many things had changed? Any issues with new technology?

(33:45): Favorite memory since your release?


Mr. Quentin Bacon - @quentinbaconphoto