10 Tips For a Healthy 2019


Every year we vow that year will be OUR year. New year, new me, right? We set goals, we meal prep, we workout and we drink our water. But then life hits; the kids go back to school; you’re exhausted and your goals towards a healthy life fade as the months pass. There is no shame in it. We’ve ALL been there! That’s why, with the help of our amazing trainer and certified nutritionist Arthur Smith Jr., we’ve compiled 10 steps for a pain-free healthy 2019!

Tip #1 Affirm Your Health

Start by being grateful for your current health. You’re walking, talking, reading, breathing, and living daily. After you put yourself in the right state of mind, affirm your future health. What weight would you like to be? What foods would you like to start eating? How happy do you want to be?  Where do you realistically see yourself?

Tip #2 Drink More Water

We’ve all heard this before. Now here is something practical: purchase a 32oz or larger hydro flask or larger. Be realistic and pace yourself. You can’t go from 0-100 real quick, no matter what Drake says. Fill up your water bottle every morning and finish it by days end. Start small and gradually increase until you are able to comfortably consume 60oz – 100oz daily. Fun Fact: water transports waste out of your body, including stuff that makes us hold on to fat.

Tip #3 Walk After Every Meal

Digestion occurs before, during, and after meals. It never stops! You can increase your metabolism and digestion by walking for 20 – 30 mins post meal. This will help you process food better and get your body looking and feeling right in no time.

Tip #4 Invest in Running Shoes

Women love to wear heals, pumps, flats, and other painful footwear for fashion. Overtime, this changes the arches within our soles and causes pain for very important muscles within our feet. Find comfortable running shoes so you can increase the number of steps you take per day and get to your goal efficiently by doing everyday stuff.

Tip #5 Practice What You Preach

As parents, we want our kids to grow up healthy, strong, smart, and positive. Well, here’s a little secret…monkey see, monkey do. You and your kids are not monkeys, however, we share 85% - 95% (some say 99%) the same DNA as our primitive ancestors. Your kids will copy most things that you do. If you’re healthy, strong, smart, and positive; then the chances they will be is great!

Tip #6 Hire Help (If You Can)

Hiring help is the fastest way to reaching a goal. You don’t need to know everything in order to start, you just have to start! Getting information from a trainer, coach or teacher will only help you feel accountable and motivated to reach your goal or simply to educate yourself.

Tip #7 Drink Your Veggies!

In 2019, most people will eat the same amount of vegetables as they did in 2018. For some of us, vegetables aren’t fun to eat, we get it. Start by blending and drinking your vegetables every morning. This will help you consume more vegetables than you did last year and help change your taste buds. We promise, veggies can be delicious if you know how to cook or blend them and incorporate them into your rotating recipes.

Tip #8 Find An Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is either on the same path as you or where you want to be in the future. This person will motivate you to stay on track and guide you through the tough days. You can find this person in your community, work, or online. Family and friends are great motivators, too.

Tip #9 Have a Year-End Goal in Mind

Set a December 31, 2019 goal. Where you do want to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually then? A helpful tip is to write it down or print it out and place it somewhere you can see it every day. This will help you think long-term and be conscious of the choices you make. Do not skip this tip!

Tip #10 Celebrate Along The Way

Celebration is happiness, fun, and excitement. So, celebrate the small wins. This will make the process enjoyable. The more fun, happiness, and excitement you can create along the journey, the better destination will be.

If you want to hear more about fitness and healthy living, check out Episode 151 w/ Arthur Smith for more great advice! You can also find him on Instagram at @arthursmithjr. Now, let’s get moving!

Beginners Guide To Snow Gear


I remember the first time I experienced snow. My parents drove up to Big Bear for the day with all four of us in the back seat. We pulled over on the side of the road and all for us walked into the snow with our thermals, jeans and sweaters. After a few of hours or so of freezing weather, we hopped back in the car and drove back home. We were wet, super cold and happy to have finally experienced snow. My parents had no idea how to properly gear up, but that is not to say we didn’t have fun. We had a blast with my parents. My dad built a snow man with his bare hands and us kids went down the sled over and over again on a hill we found. My parents didn’t know any better, we grew up in Oaxaca where snow is foreign to us. And as kids, we were just happy to see snow!

This past winter vacation, I took the initiative of booking my husband and I a 3-night stay in Mammoth, CA. A couple of days before the trip, it dawned on me that I was not at all prepared for the snow. Lucky for me, I was referred to REI, an awesome outdoor sporting store. I walked in there blind not knowing what I was going to buy. I met a wonderful associate by the name of Denisse who was extremely helpful. She guided me through what I should and should not buy. I will say that snow gear is not cheap, so if you are a planner, buy in the warmer months like March and April when most of the winter items are on sale. Although there is nothing wrong with thermals, jeans and sweaters, I wanted to make sure the three of us could experience the snow to the fullest and be comfy and warm. Hopefully this guide can help you in choosing your gear for your next snow trip!


Denisse at REI told me there were two options: either layer or buy thick snow pants that would suffice in the snow. I weighed my options and decided for the layering. The three layer system consists of a thermal, fleece and a ‘waterproof soft-shell’ which is essentially a pair of rain pants, but better quality. I decided to buy each layer separately because the pieces can be used throughout the year. I also knew my son would make great use of the rain pants since the rainy season in LA is approaching. Here are a few of our favorite options for layering:


I followed the same layering rule for my top.  I used a thermal base layer, a basic sweater, and a thick waterproof snow jacket that I invested in. My son layered in a thermal, sweater, a down jacket we already owned, and a basic waterproof shell.  I didn’t mind buying the extra waterproof shell because again, I figured he would use it on a rainy day here in LA. If your kiddo doesn’t own any jackets, I suggest buying a 3-in-1 jacket for them. It’s a great investment for colder weather and the winter season.  


I will begin by stating that snow jackets are NOT cheap. However, I will say that I absolutely LOVE my new jacket. It was absolutely perfect and kept me warm in even the coldest weather. It’s super stylish and of incredible quality. If you are on a budget, try a discount store such as the Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls. Make sure that the jacket is waterproof - that is the most important feature of all. Also, all, if not most, of the jackets have hoodies to help keep your ears and head warm. A major plus! Some options we like are:


You do not want to be walking around the snow with cold and wet sneakers or ruin your favorite boots just for the sake of fashion. I purchased Sorels for my husband, my son and myself. All of us loved our snow shoes. We were super warm and most importantly, DRY. I also recommend thick merino wool socks, so when you buy your shoes, take that into consideration when sizing for you and your little one. Some options we love here:


I recommend you research the best deal in Gore-Tex mittens and gloves for your family.  Gore-Tex isn’t a brand but a sort of waterproof technology. It is the best to ensure your hands keep warm and dry.  I also 100% recommend hand warmer packets. These were life saving. It is crazy how much cold penetrated through my gloves (I didn’t buy Gore-Tex). But these packs were incredible. You shake them, stick them inside your gloves and they omit heat for up to 8 hours. They were incredible. They also sell toe warmers which I didn’t buy this time around but will for our next trip.

Now that we’ve covered all the bases, when will YOU go on a snow adventure! Hope this helps you plan accordingly!

Kids & Privacy in the Age of Social Media


When it comes to kids online, social media can still feel like uncharted territory. We don’t know what long-term effects tech will have on the lives of our children and we also don’t know what kind of impact documenting our children’s lives will have on them in adulthood. In fact it seems like everyone has a different opinion about what is ok and how much is too much exposure for their kids. So how to we breech this subject and what do we do if family or friends don’t exactly take our concerns seriously?

One thing we can all do it make having a conversation about social media exposure the norm. If you’re dropping the kids off for a birthday party make sure the parent organizers know you do not wish your child’s picture to be shared. And depending on the age of your child make sure they also know what your policy is and why. Better yet, if you’re the one throwing the party let parents know what you intend to do with the photos and if you really want to be serious about it have waiver they can sign the same way they do in school.

Even better still would be every parent taking it upon themselves to just ask and to be respectful of each other since our laws still have not caught up to the speed of technology. Did you know in France authorities fine up to 38,000 Euros to anyone who posts a photo of someone without their consent? There has even been a case of a teen suing parents for refusing to take down photos they feel violate their privacy. That may seem a bit extreme, but is it? There are plenty of experts that suggest too much social media exposure can cause psychological harm.

But what can we do if our families don’t respect our wishes? Masada Siegel wrote a great article about her experience dealing with “sharenting” in Real Simple. Her overall message being use your best judgment when confronting people who continue to post photos of your kids, untag them, and since social media isn’t going anywhere it’s probably a good idea to teach your kids about what is and isn’t ok to share.

This is however, is a question for the ages. We’ll probably be learning how to mitigate the ever changing online world forever. What are some things you do to keep your kids safe and healthy online?

I Decluttered My life for the New Year & This is what I learned


As Latinos sometimes we don’t realize how much emotional “stuff” is attached to the things we buy and keep in our homes. When our families come to this country with nothing in search of a better life getting rid of things we worked so hard for can feel like a slap in the face to everything we and/or our parents sacrificed. And even though I understand what it’s like not to have, I realized that I have been living with a scarcity mentality and that it was holding me back.

After months of dealing with my postpartum depression I came out feeling like I needed to make room not only spiritually but physically-- my therapist thought it was time to get rid of “the stuff” that I was holding onto-- but little did I know how difficult it would actually be to let things go. It made me realize that “letting go” of physical things can be a way to let go of emotional attachments and traumas as well. When we talk about “making room” it’s not just about having space where a chair once was or a box once sat. Making room means removing attachments so that emotionally you’re able to grow and embrace simplicity in all areas of your life.


As long as I can remember I’ve always had a lot of stuff. For years and years it seems I’ve been taking the same old things (that I don’t really use or need) from place to place. It was stuff I thought I needed, like pants I hoped to fit into again, nick nacks passed down from my mom, baby clothes, and nearly anything you can think of. I had convinced myself that they were things that I simply could not part with because of the emotional value. It got to the point where I felt guilt for even thinking about letting them go. I knew it was going to be tough but I was totally committed. And there are a few things I did in order to make the process easier:

  1. Giving things to people I know:

    The thought of my special things going to strangers or possibly going in the trash made it really hard to choose what to keep and what had to go. But giving them to people I care for actually brought relief since it’s like my things were going to have a new life and live on with someone else.

  2. Be realistic about what you need v. what you want:

    Is your stuff really stuff you need? This is a question that brings up a lot of different feelings because we so often confuse what we want with what we need. Cleaning unintentionally forces us to face our wants versus our needs and the habits we’ve formed that contribute to the mental, emotional, and literal clutter in our lives. Make sure you’re actually keeping things that will enhance your life not just take up space.

  3. Have someone keep you on task:

    When you’re going through your own stuff it will feel like you need it all. It’s a smart idea to have someone impartial to make sure you’re being real about what you want to keep. My husband was a huge help when it came to being realistic about why I wanted to keep certain things. He was also the one who threw things out when I felt like I couldn’t. With certain items it felt like a huge relief not to be the one to make that decision.

  4. Periodic decluttering:

    Going through your things a few times a year is a great way to avoid getting into my position. It’s a lot easier to get rid of things little by little than it is to do it all at once. From now on I’m going to make sure to go through and get rid of things more often-- but another silver lining is that it has made me more aware of what I buy in the first place.

  5. It’s ok to keep some things:

    Because there ARE attachments that are completely healthy make sure you don’t throw away something you love just for the sake of decluttering. I have a box full of letters and photos from my best friends when I first moved to the US that I’ll never let go and there is nothing wrong with it.

Decluttering going into this new year has made me feel lighter, liberated and open to new things. Let us know in the comments what you’ve learned from decluttering your life or if you have any tips we can try!

Vision Board Posada 2018

We cannot even begin to express the amount of gratitude and love we have for every single person that made our 3rd annual Super Mamas Posada a success. It was absolutely perfection. Thank you to all of our beautiful attendees for opening up your hearts to us. We hope that you enjoyed the night as much as we did. We cannot wait to see how you manifest your dreams this 2019.

And for all of our Super Mamas Tribe who was not able to attend, please make sometime before the year ends to make a board for yourself. Checkout our Vision Board How-to to get more inspo. Grab a few magazines, scissors, a board and a few girlfriends. You will love what yo can create.

Cheers to a fabulous and fruitful 2019 mamas!

Special thanks to:

Event Planning: @harlowplanning

Photographer @l.a.momma 
Florist @madreflorals 
Rentals @circarentals 
Photobooth @nevercloudyevents 
A/V @ametron 
Catering @churroservice @laguelaguetza 
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Venue @theknottedapron

Super Mamás 2018 Baby Holiday Gift Guide


Our FIRST-EVER baby holiday gift guide brought to you by Target is finally here! After having 3 babies, Paulina is basically an expert on gifting baby gifts. We’ve compiled everything below for you to easily gift one of these to your tia, sister, friend or even yourself! Comment below what you’re gifting this holiday season.

Also, don’t forget- When you spend $50 on baby toys at Target you get a $10 coupon in return! This ends 12/15 so hurry! Don’t feel like getting out of your car? Try out their Drive-Up feature via the Target Cartwheel App.

1. Graco 4-Ever All-In-One Convertible Car Seat- This is the only seat that truly goes from baby to booster! It’s a bit pricy BUT it’s a great investment because it’ll last you years.

2. Fisher-Price Auto Rock 'n Play Sleeper- Perfect for traveling! It’s so easy to disassemble and perfect to soothe baby.

3. Mermaid Tail Wearable Blanket - Cloud Island™- Super cute and warm!! Beyond perfect for chilling at home right now during winter.

4. Pearhead Baby's Little Organizer- 2019 is all about organizing. This is a great way to keep all your baby’s keepsakes.

5. Pearhead Hello Baby Babybook- Keep all your baby pictures in one place. Yes, there are in your phone BUT there is nothing like a physical book you can look through.

6. Sophie la Girafe Toy and 1,2,3 Book- Great stocking stuffer for any baby that’s beginning to teeth. It can be baby's first sensory development toy! Stimulates each of baby's senses!

7. Melissa & Doug First Play Roll & Ring Ramp Tower With 2 Wooden Cars- Great for those small baby hands- super durable and easy to clean.

8. New Baby Target GiftCards

9. Blackout Curtain Panel Foil Stars- This is the perfect gift for a baby who is just starting with sleep training. It’ll transform any room into the perfect sleeping cocoon.

10.Milestone Wood Blocks- These will up your IG game and they’re a great milestone option.

11. Small Security Blanket Bunny- This has worked magic with sleep training for Paulina. It really makes baby Zixta feel safe and secure at night. Another great stocking stuffer option.

12. Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-Around- With an easy-grab design, this rattle encourages rolling, shaking and tossing. The familiar face engages baby in developmental play while the flexible body offers easy-to-grasp openings to help little hands build dexterity. Teethers and beads offer more to touch and explore.

13. B. Rocking Unicorn- Perfect for any nursery or playroom, this rocking horse toy is made of ultra-soft and safe materials that are phthalates and BPA Free. 

For a full explanation of each pick, listen to our recent episode, EPISODE 174: OUR SM 2018 BABY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE- EXPLAINED & #SMPOSADA18 RECAP!


Super Mamás 2018 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s finally here! We’re sharing our favorite picks from this past year in our annual holiday gift guide. This is one is specifically curated for all the mom bosses/hustlers and mamacitas in your life (or even for you #treatyoself). Don’t worry, our fav baby picks are on the way.

Happy Holidays, sisters!

  1. Body oil by Skin Owl- This has become our all-time favorite body oil. It’s the perfect post-shower smoother to enhance your skin’s natural radiance and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles and dark spots. Use can use it everyday to quench tired, thirsty skin.

  2. Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation® Perfecting Moisturizer- After getting it as a birthday gift, Paulina has fallen in love with this moisturizer. It hydrates, evens skin tone, smoothes skin texture and helps improve the look of dark spots and discoloration.

  3. Lordag & Sondag Handsag Wax Canvas Backpack- On her trip to Portland, Paulina stopped by Via Raiz and bought this beautiful backpack. This piece, made by the expertise of tan leather artisans in Leon, Guanajuato, is made from 100% waxed cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather.

  4. Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal- A mother and child share so much together--countless milestones, simple joys, unexpected challenges, and all the little surprising moments in between. This five-year journal will help you capture it all--simply turn to today's date and take a few moments to answer the question at the top of the page. As the journal fills, it will become a loving record and cherished family keepsake.

  5. Baja United Wine Club Subscription- Who doesn’t like wine? With the Baja Explorer Series, they will hand select three to four bottles of wine each month that will showcase their discoveries throughout the Valle de Guadalupe. It’s the perfect gift for any wine lover.

  6. Mala by Patty Rodriguez “I Love Tacos” Necklace- We love tacos. You love tacos. They love tacos! Pick between the 14K gold-plated silver or sterling silver for the person who can’t get enough of tacos.

  7. SELF Journal- This journal completely changed Bricia’s life- it’s basically the daily structure for success. It includes morning & nightly gratitude, your day's targets & goals, a 6AM-9PM daily schedule, and plenty of space for notes. You will be surprised with what you can accomplish in 13-weeks. Oh! & the journal isn’t numbered so you can start this when you’re ready.

  8. Farmacy’s Take it to Glow kit - Elizabeth really into skincare this past year and she has since never found any other makeup remover that worked better than Farmacy’s GREEN CLEAN makeup meltaway cleansing balm. It’s like butter on your skin and it leaves her skin silky smooth every single time. This kit is perfect for any young professional who travels a lot for work and looking to upgrade their skincare routine

  9. Milk Frother- You’ve heard this pick from Bricia so many times. Ditch the coffee shop and make yourself that delicious latte.

  10. Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls - These are honestly the BEST for that stressed friend/sister/mom/brother/dad (or you) you have. Put the ball in between you and a wall and feel the pains of stress melt away. It may hurt at first but TRUST US, it’ll relieve so much built up tension.

  11. Rose Quartz Face Roller - For the ultimate skincare and beauty queen in your life. These are not only super trendy (#millennialpink) but they also depuff your face after a night of partying and promote collagen.

  12. Hedley & Bennett Apron- Know of an aspiring chef? or even a fire home cook? These are the best aprons on the market. Plus, it’s an LA-based and women-owned business.

  13. Bonita Hoops by Viva La Bonita- Pre-order the “Bonita Hoops” for all the girls in your life who are just so #Bonita. Also, look around on their website, there are plenty of dope tees, sweaters, hats and even home decor for everyone.

  14. Lipsticks from Vive Cosmetics- Vive Cosmetics is a vegan and cruelty-free lipstick line created by Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia who celebrate and honors the unique backgrounds, skin tones, languages, and origins of all Latinxs. A bold lip changes anyone’s look, shop around and gift it to your fellow sister (Candela is Bricia’s favorite shade).

  15. Audible Subscription- We’re HUGE on podcasts and we’ve recently dabbled into audible books. This is for the person in your life who has a long commute and/or loves to learn and hear compelling stories. You can even give this gift if they’re already an Audible member.

  16. Photoshoot with LA Momma or LilyRo- If there is one thing we learned from all our birthdays/events/IG life is that you always need great pictures. Choose the gift of a fabulous photoshoot for anyone!

  17. Styling Session with Vaya con Fashion- Any good photoshoot, date, wedding, party needs a great outfit. Book a session with Mari to shop for that perfect look or to work with the closet you already have.

  18. Joylab Workout Pants from Target- Super cute, comfortable and most importantly, affordable. With everyone hitting the gym in January, these are the perfect pants for anyone trying to look HELLA cute while also putting in some work.

For a full explanation of each pick, listen to our recent episode, EPISODE 173: OUR SM 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE-EXPLAINED!.


Ramona Ortega’s 6 Best Tips On How To Make Your Side Hustle Legit


When Ramona Ortega comes on the show you know we’re going to talk about all things money! On our last episode we dove into entrepreneurship and the massive amount of power the Latino and Black market command in the US. But mainly she educated us on how to surpass the fear of taking the leap into being full time entrepreneurs or even just taking the first step in starting a business. Ramona had so many amazing tips perfect for first time entrepreneurs we had to write it down. Here is her definitive checklist on how to make your side hustle legit.

  1. Understand what you’re selling

In order to form a legit business you need to know for sure you have a good idea. You can do a survey and ask the people who you trust and respect for their honest opinions. Also ask yourself: does the world want what you’re offering? If the answer is “yes” then next you should define:

  • if it’s a service or a product  

  • what problem you are solving

  • how your product or service solves it

2. Be SUPER Specific About Who Your Market Is

Large companies can spend millions of dollars hyper focused studies of their target markets, but whether if you’re just getting started or have years in the game, getting customer data is super accessible. If you’ve already been making sales, profile your customers looking for things like location, age, gender, income, education, etc. then look for what they have in common. Definitely make use of google analytics and create a business Facebook/Instagram page so you can look at the insights. With that information you can create a customer profile and an empathy map. Empathy mapping will help you identify your customer’s pain points and how you can better fulfill those needs. Don’t neglect your data!

3. How Are You Going To Make Money?

This is KEY! Because there is no point in starting a business that isn’t going to be profitable and we have a tendency to undervalue ourselves. If you have a product your overhead costs and time should be included in the price and the markup should be at least 50%. If you are offering a service do your research and ask people how much they charge to gauge what your price point should be. If you don’t know anyone personally explain your situation in an email or DM and make the ask. Identify your revenue streams as well as which ones to focus on based the ones that make the most money. It’s also smart to identify what sells well and what doesn't to make the necessary adjustments to your production.

4. Create a Business Plan

It doesn’t have to be super official but writing it down helps. Ramona says we should create a one or two page document that includes: What you are selling, who you are selling it to, how big your market is, what your prices are, how much you will negotiate, what your revenue streams are, what are your quarterly and yearly goals. This is a great time to come up with your 30 second elevator pitch, as well as your company mission statement.

5. Get a Handle On Your Tax Structure

There are several tax options that may or may not be right for the stage and size of your business. It’s important to know which one is right for you.

  • Sole Proprietorship: If you’re just doing business as yourself you can file Sole Proprietorship. You don’t have to file paperwork but it might be a good idea to get a business account.

  • Doing Business As (DBA): You can also have a separate business name but not a business entity, you can say you’re Doing Business As “whatever name you choose.” You’ll have to file a form with the City to let the public know you’re doing business under a certain name but the laws depend on your state.

  • Limited Liability Corporation (LLC): When you start to grow you want to think about becoming an LLC, which includes a name finding process that protects you from getting sued. With an LLC there is no liability to your personally if something goes wrong in that business. Its limited liability, and because it lets you track your taxes, more tax credits, doesn’t have to be a separate name as long as no one else is using it.

  • C-Corp: This is usually used by a much bigger company that wants to use a smaller business as a holding company since the smaller company will be taxed separately from its owners.

6. Keeping Your Money Straight

Don’t commingle funds, which basically means don’t mix personal and business money. If you’re mixing funds you’ll have no idea how much money was spent and how much money was made. We tend to underestimate how much money we spend and schedule c taxes are much easier to file when you have your business and personal money in a separate business account.

Drop some of the tricks of the trade you’ve learned in your entrepreneurial journey in the comments! For the full convo with Ramona you can listen or re-listen here and don’t forget to like and share with the entrepreneur in your life.


Super Mamás Night Out



THANK YOU for making our first-ever Super Mamás Night Out such a success. We know it took a lot of compromises and baby sitters for you to spend one of your few child-less nights out with us and the rest of the Super Mamás community and we truly appreciate it. We hope you put your your mom guilt aside and enjoyed yourselves by listening to our conversation with the talented and candid Melissa Rios and danced all night to the dope super mamá DJ Que Madre. We all need a girl’s night out here and there so this one was all for you! 

We also want to say a HUGE thank you to PLANTA for hosting us in their incredibly beautiful space & our vendors and sponsors of the night: Lotus Party Company, Brujita Skincare, Isa & Co candles, Baja United Wines, SelvaRey Rum, I Love Micheladas, GuelaguetzaAnna Alvarado, GYV Mesoamerican BeautySkinOwl, Claire's, Dove, Dr. Brown's, Little Spoon, Suja Organic, Yoobi & Macy's

Till next time, sisters!


Paulina & Bricia

P.S. Don't forget to enter to win a 1 year Macy's Beauty Box Subscription for free! All you have to do is:

  • Post a photo of your Macy's Beauty Box on Instagram
  • Include the following hashtags: #MacysBeautyBox + #SMNightOut
  • Include the following sentence in your post: For $15 each month receive your own #MacysBeautyBox with 5 deluxe beauty samples in a cute cosmetic bag + a $5 beauty coupon! Get your box @macy's 

All posts must be submitted by Friday, August 31st, 2018! Get to posting, ladies! 


How To Use Your Brand Loyalty For Social Good


Bricia and Paulina’s conversation with Neilsen’s Stacie M De Armas was full of so much awesome information about the economic power that of Latinas-- we are really out here making names for ourselves, ladies!  According to Stacie’s 2017 Latina 2.0 report all female owned businesses grew 27% in the last 5 years, but Latina businesses grew by 87%, during the same period! More often than not Latina entrepreneurs are creating their own businesses out of necessity, because they are excluded from the traditional workforce or simply because their earning capabilities are capped.

In 2016 the total buying power of the Hispanic market was estimated at $1.4 trillion, so why are Latinos still not seen as general market? And why are we still fighting over the 6% or 8% of the total marketing/advertising dollars set aside for “multicultural market”? The answer is plain old backward thinking and the lack of importance placed on Latinos in the US. But in a time when our livelihoods and safety are in jeopardy shouldn’t we expect more from the companies that need Latino money to stay afloat? As Stacie tells us, the answer is “yes” we should reward brands “that stand up and with us on important social issues.” But how do we know which brands care and which are just trying to fake their way into our bank accounts? Stacie reminds us that not only are Latinas trend setters, but they influence the way others spend as well. Here are 4 easy ways we can totally use our influence and our brand loyalty to support the Latino community.

Examine a brand’s track record

There are plenty of companies out there that profit off Latinos but refuse to stand up for us, hire us, pay us fairly and reach us authentically. A good rule of thumb is asking yourself if you would donate money to that company based on its values and actions. 

Flex the power of your dollar

Whether it’s chick-fil-a’s homophobia, Home Depot’s CEO Trump endorsement, or American auto companies lobbying for fewer environmental restrictions, we’ve all got to decide what we stand for and what we’re willing to put up with. Are you cool supporting homophobia? Do you want to make someone who doesn’t care about Latinos lives richer? Are you ok with a company that puts profits over the air you and your children breathe? The first step is recognizing the power of our dollar and using it to not only demand more, but to let companies know that shady business practices and negative “isms” won’t be tolerated. According to the Latina 2.0 report, Latinos control $1.4 trillion, that’s powerful!

Is the messaging created for and by Latinas?

Conversations about diversity and inclusion as well as the #MeToo movement have shone a light on how pervasive all forms of discrimination and abuse against women are. The biggest takeaway is that the need for female representation in every professional field is needed because the alternative is toxic. We’ve all seen these totally off base and sometimes offensive ad campaigns (*cough cough* Pepsi) where it’s clear that there wasn’t a single person of color in the room when decisions were made. If you see something off you can always write a letter, start a petition, tweet them, but ultimately we should make it known with our wallets that unless people like us are in the decision making room, we won’t buy it!

Buy from Latina owned businesses

The absolute easiest way to empower Latinas is to buy from them directly. In the last 5 years over 682,000, Latina-run businesses have sprouted up but statistically very few are be able to grow and scale up due to lack of resources. Putting money back into the Latina community means helping families like yours put food on the table and hopefully creating more jobs for Latinas in the future.   

For more info on Latina businesses you can read Stacie’s report here and for the full convo tune into Episode 157!


5 Tips For Youthful Looking Skin


Due to natural aging your skin cells aren’t going to be renewing at the same rate as they did when you were in your 20’s. You’ll start to realize that your old skincare routine isn’t cutting it, or maybe you’ll realize that you didn’t really have a skin care routine at all. Lucky for us, Afterglow Beverly Hills esthetician and nurse Natalie Aguilar gave Bricia and Paulina the scoop on what everyone can do to maintain youthful looking skin.

Drink water

Water is the source of life and Natalie says when clients come in asking for hydrating serums and creams she’s quick to let them know that you must hydrate from within “you don’t need a serum, you need to drink water,” she said. Not to mention water is an essential to a functioning human body! Approximately 50 to 70% of our body mass is made up of water, which includes, tissue, cells, our organs and of course our skin. She also says we should avoid hot showers that are extremely drying to the skin and to instead start taking lukewarm ones. But if you must have your hot showers be sure to drink plenty of water as soon as you get out.

Don’t use a product because someone else does

Natalie says we shouldn’t copy our friends, or influencers or just anyone else’s skin care routines because everyone is different. To find what is right for you, you’ll need to start out by trying products. She also remind us that trying something for one day isn’t enough to see if it really work for you, “a skin cycle is 30 days so give a product a minimum of 30 days” she said.

Pro Tip: Mix grapeseed oil into your moisturizers for an extra softness and moisture.

Don’t invest too much money on makeup and not enough on skin care

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of treating all your blemishes and skin issues by covering it up with makeup. Your skin is your body’s largest organ so taking care of it should be high on all of our do to lists. A great skin care routine can save you money down the road since you'll be preventing skin issues down the line. Natalie also reminds us that your makeup will look even better on healthy skin. We’re not saying to forgo your favorite MAC essentials but you should definitely spend equally on skin care.

Start With The Essentials

There are SO MANY products out there that it can be really overwhelming especially when you feel like you don’t know where to start. According to Natalie, the easiest skin care regimen is super simple and consists of: cleanser, moisturizer, & sunscreen. We can start by testing each one and seeing which is right, or Natalie also suggests finding an esthetician “skin sister” to help you on your journey. You’ll also need a budget to make sure you don’t overspend and to find the best products in your price range.

Pro Tip: Take your climate into consideration when picking products.

Vitamin C Is A Must

This is one of the most important products to promote cell renewal in your skin. A good Vitamin C serum is a natural brightener, an antioxidant, promotes collagen, and the citric acid in it helps dry out pimples. Peak collagen production is at 25, so our skin care goal is to keep it alive and active. A daily routine stimulating with vitamin c also has other amazing benefits like inflammation reduction and faster healing. There is also the fact that it’s natural without chemicals, but that of course depends on the type of serum you use but for the most part you can’t go wrong with Vitamin C.

For more on skin care routines, jade rollers, and chemicals we should all avoid check out Episode 156!


6 Survival Lessons for Entrepreneurs


Photo credit: @QueridaAgenda

In a recent episode, Bricia and Paulina sat down with designer Veronica M to talk about how she started her own business. Aside from creating super cute wearable designs, hers is an inspirational story about how a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and hard work pays off. 20 years into her fashion career that she started from the ground up, Veronica M dropped plenty of great advice and entrepreneurial gems on us, here are the 6 that stood out to us the most.

Work On Having A Positive Attitude

Everything is perception! Veronica reminds us that starting a business is hard and full of obstacles but that she’s learned from it and built on it in order to be successful. One of the key elements of having a positive attitude is the way we frame challenges and the various types of situations that will inevitable arise. Something that can help anyone have a more positive outlook is something as simple as their word choice. You can also refer back to our previous article about positive affirmation for more on how to use the power of your words. There will always be “ugly parts” but it’s how you get through them that makes you stronger and that much closer to reaching your business goals.

Invest In The Growth Of Your Business

From the beginning Veronica re-invested in her business. This can mean getting better supplies, networking, or learning a new skill.  Her mom was coming home from work tired and still helping her sew, so Veronica asked her Mom to teach her how to sew and construct garments. That’s investing in her craft, but she also invested in her equipment, “during my swap meet sales I always give [my mom] half and I saved half. Every penny I made I invested in scissors, in lights in my garage, cutting tables, in machines. So I just kept investing and investing and investing.” Whatever it is you need to do in order to compete at a higher level, get creative, get it moving, and get it done.

Doing Something Differently Doesn’t Mean You’re Doing It Wrong

It’s important to know what’s going on in your industry and knowing your community is key. Like Veronica said in her interview she learned to “follow the trends, but still keep it my thing.” But she also reminds us that being aware of your industry doesn’t mean you should be constantly comparing or trying to match what other people are doing. Veronica reiterated so many times that she noted other peoples work but didn’t let it influence her personal style or the way she intuitively vibes with certain prints and patterns. BUT that she did have to be aware of the business side of things, like following trends but still staying true to who she is as a designer.

Do Your Taxes!

Paying taxes as an LLC or a corporate entity is NOT the same as filing as an individual. Running a business usually means filing taxes quarterly. So you’ll also need to stay on top of the financial changes your business goes through with your bookkeeping since that generally means different forms and varying payments. Not being diligent about this can land you in hot water aka Tax Fraud! So while we’re not all tax experts you definitely need to find someone who is to make sure your finances are in order. You should also pay attention to what is being done and learn as much as you can about the process and proceedings.

Watch out for shady people who want to make a buck

This means making sure things like contracts and insurance are a part of your life, because you never know what someone is really up to and it’s better to be safe than sorry. After 20 years in the fashion industry Veronica has seen it all and now has the proper protections, “you have to do your business right if you want to be here for a long time. I’ve been through many tears but it made me stronger.” According to Entrepreneur.com you should stay abreast of financial laws, labor and employment laws, intellectual property laws, as well as marketing and advertising laws. You should also back up all business agreements with contracts, and back up your intellectual property with IP trademarks.

Make Sure Your Circle Is Willing To Support Your Dreams

Support system is key! Whether it’s your partner, your family, or your team members, we must remember to lean on the people who have our backs. Veronica tells us about how her mom always supported her and how her husband stepped up when she was barely building her business, “my husband stayed home he was like ‘I’ll watch the kids’ keep doing what you’re doing” she said. One of the biggest barriers women starting businesses will face on top of everything else is a lack of support from their partners and families. Without it, it’s very difficult to move forward. A partner that won’t prioritize your career might not be one worth investing in.

Want the full story? Tune into Episode 155 with Veronica M for more on her incredible journey!


Great feeding, happy baby, happy life!

JPEG image-C710E698CC9E-1.jpeg

By: Paulina Lopez-Velazquez 


When I had Krista almost 7 years ago, being a first-time mom, I remember being extremely overwhelmed by all the choices I had to make.  From the diapers, to the stroller, car seat, even the type of diaper rash cream, and let’s not even talk about baby bottles.  How do you know which to go with, there are just too many to choose from! 

Honestly, I have tried a bunch of different ones with all my babies. People say you should go with the one that looks most like your breasts, I tried those. Other people told me I had to go with the ones that would give them less gas, I have tried lots of those! Some other ones just look cool and I must confess I have tried those too, but I always keep going back to the ones that have consistently work with all my three girls.  

I first tried Dr. Browns Natural Flow bottles with my oldest daughter when she was just a week old. I had a difficult delivery and my milk supply had suffered from it and so I had to supplement very early on. I had to do it again with my second baby when, at two weeks old, they told me I had to supplement due to weight loss on her end.  I was concerned with colic and nipple confusion but fortunately the internal vent system took care of that.  I must say that that is my favorite feature from the bottles because it not only prevents colic but also burping and gas, which results in a happy baby and a happy mom! I know a few friends that have suffered from bad colic with their babies and I have always recommended they tried these bottles to help cope with this problem.  I know that thankfully none of my babies suffered from that and I give credit to the use of Dr. Brown’s bottles.  


Now with my third baby I knew what bottle to use if I had any issues. Fortunately, this time around I was able to exclusively breastfeed for the first few months of her life, but I eventually had to go back to work and I had to start using baby bottles again.  At first I was just using the bottles that came with my breast pump but I started noticing lots of burping and lots of gas coming from my baby, so I knew exactly what I had to do.  I once again picked up my Dr. Brown bottles. This time around I went with the wide neck bottles  because the bottle is shaped in a way that is easier for baby Zixta to hold, now that she is a little older she can hold her own bottle while laying down or even sitting up which is a huge help for me as I have other two kids to look after. 

Having multiple kids always has me always looking for products that can make my life easier and my time most effective and I must say that Dr. Brown is one of those.  But most importantly it keeps my baby happy.  And we all know that a happy baby results in a happy mommy and a happy life! 

For More information, visit Dr. Brown and check this and all of their amazing products. 

Mothers Of Color in Academia

Photo by  @lilyro_

Photo by @lilyro_

It’s official, women are out enrolling and out graduating men at the university level. And while it is exciting that women are more educated than ever their presence within the University hierarchy as professors and administrators is scarce. So what’s going on here?

Well, universities are by their very nature institutions of privilege that were built to reflect and accommodate the lives of their intended pupils-- white men. Women in the academic world still face gender based discrimination, are less likely to get tenure than male colleagues (only 1 in 4 college presidents are women), and they graduate only to face a mountain of student loan debt that is difficult to repay since they are paid less for all forms of their labor. For women of color the same economic, social, and institutional barriers that make entering higher education difficult continue to manifest once inside the Ivory Tower. Of the 178,547 doctoral students who completed a degree in the 2014-2015 academic year, only 21% were women of color. But the barriers are compounded once again when they have children. In the higher rungs of academia the stakes and the expectations are that much higher, yet we rarely hear about how difficult it is for mothers of color to finish their post grad programs with the very little support from they tend to receive from the administration.

On large university campuses one of the top concerns for new mothers is not only the presence but the availability of lactation rooms. It does no one good to have lactation rooms on the other side of campus. It’s something Maricela Beccerra has first hand experience with as a mother of two who is pursuing her doctoral degree in Contemporary Mexican Literature at UCLA. It was her struggle to find a lactation room near on UCLA’s enormous campus that first lead her to join the group Mothers Of Color in Academia in order to find some real solutions.

“The fact that no one knew that parents, or lactating moms in this case, existed on campus-- that was a big shock to some people. We’ve been asking for rooms, in my department for example, I’m one of nine or eleven moms, I think, last time I counted, and the fact that my department never considered making a space for us. People were shocked that we were demanding a space. That is a right by the way-- in California your employer has to provide you with a space to lactate” - Maricela Beccerra

But fighting for more lactating rooms was only the beginning, together the women of MOCA have dedicated themselves to improving conditions and resources for all mothers of color at UCLA as well as other colleges and universities. So far they have chapters at UCSB and Rio Hondo College, “we want people to acknowledge parent students, especially our parenting students of color” Baccerra said. “There aren’t that many of us to begin with and we want to let them know that we’re there.” But there is so much more on MOCA’s to do list some of which include: affordable insurance coverage, subsidized carpool parking, housing subsidy for parenting students, evening and weekend childcare, on campus early care facilities, as well as improved physical and mental health resources. There is also what Baccerra calls “the money issue” that’s associated with student teaching or TAing. Doctoral candidates are also expected to teach classes, grade papers, prepare courses and course materials, as well as all of the responsibilities of being students themselves on top of being mothers. It’s something she says makes achieving her dreams of being a professor that much harder since a TA makes around 20k a year and realistically how can anyone TA, take a full course load, work another job to make up the difference and still have time to dedicate to their child? “I got very lucky because I’ve had a bunch of fellowships, but at the same time I’m the one that supports my family, so I cannot provide on 20 grand per year. It's a joke” she said.

But the lack of support is also something Latinas in particular experience both from society and family when they decide to pursue higher education. “I have Tias and Tios that tell me, ‘Oh you just read books for a living. That’s all you do at school you just read books.’ --They don’t see my PhD as a job even though its takes like 40-60 hours a week out of my time, but for them it's like a hobby” Baccerra laughs. There is also the issue of people belittling women who “choose” to have kids during their stint in college. In reality by the time women reach the end of their post graduate studies many are well into their 30’s, and as we know there is a biological timeframe here. It’s something that Baccerra says is always a topic of debate for those who don’t see women of color as a group deserving special services, “I always get that argument that, ‘Oh you wanted to be a mom.’ I mean listen, I’m a grad student I’m not 22, 21- even if I was, I mean it's your choice to have a kid- but as a grad student if you want to be a mom you have to do it while you’re studying. There is no other way. Biologically your body tells you that it’s time” she said. “So you have to think of all of that and I think we have the right to have a family if we chose to, and also get our degree.”

Ultimately what MOCA offers is a community of women who have each others backs in a real way. And isn’t that the way it should always be?

“At the end of the day we only have each other, and we’re in this together. I think one of the biggest things MOCHA has done for me is provide me with a bunch of comadres that can help me take care of my kids and also support me as I’m trying to get my degree.” - Maricela Beccerra

To learn more about Mothers Of Color in Academia you can join their facebook page here, follow them on instagram @mothersofcolorinacademia.




5 Things We Can Do to Raise Politically Conscious Children


Super papacito, actor, writer and activist Kendrick Sampson talked to us about so many things and answered so many questions we had about race, politics, and how to touch on and teach those subjects to our children. But one of the biggest takeaway was these 5 things we can all to do raise more empathetic, politically engaged children.

1. Teach them to see color

“number one thing we shouldn’t do is to teach children to “not see color.”  - Kendrick S.

Our differences make us who we are, our skin color informs the way we exist in the world and that should not be erased. Teaching children that differences are not valuable teaches them intolerance. Similarly teaching children that “being of color” is bad reinforces the idea that people of color are bad. Which is made that much more detrimental if you’re raising children of color.

2. Making it normal to talk about uncomfortable topics

“we’re taught not to talk about the most important things that show you what people’s values are. Sex, race, religion, politics, we’re taught not to talk about deep things.” - Kendrick S.

We no longer live in a time where we can shield our children from what is happening in this country and in the world. Don’t be afraid to answer their questions with real information. Because think about it, If you are not teaching your children to talk about or express the questions they have on the tough issues what kind of adults will they become? And what kind of information will they ingest trying to find answers on their own? We need to raise children that feel comfortable standing up for what is right.

3. Be proud of who you are

For Latinos it can feel easier and safer to shrink or change who we are in order to avoid being aligned with all the negative images being circulated about us. But this is not the time for that. Realistically the only thing you can do to fight those stereotypes is to be a loud positive representation of your people in your community and to your family. What lesson are you teaching your children by denying your culture and heritage?

4. Celebrate the ethnic identities of others

Too often we get swept up in believing our culture is the best or that our people are the best, when in reality that is subjective. It’s also paving the road for xenophobia and racism. We can be proud without demeaning others, we should teach our children to explore and appreciate what they do not understand instead of rejecting, hating or being fearful of it. This means taking the time to thoughtfully understand and celebrate the way people different from us live. It also means finding what unites us.

5. Ask questions

“be interested in other people, ask them questions and make mistakes, and when you make those mistakes you apologize and teach your friends not to make those same mistakes.”  - Kendrick S. 

We can’t be expected to know everything about everything but as adults it IS our responsibility to educate ourselves. That doesn’t mean burdening other people with educating us, but we can definitely: ask for resources, do our own research, follow people in social justice on social media, and read as much as we can about the topics we want to teach our kids.

What are some of the ways you’re raising more politically conscious kids? Let us know in the comments! And for our full conversation with Kendrick check out episode 152: 4th of july special with actor & activist, kendrick sampson.


Why You Should Make Affirmations A Part of Your Morning Routine

Photo by  @lilyro_

Photo by @lilyro_

As we discuss in Episode 150 our words matter. So much so that our beautiful guest Liz Hernandez started Wordaful, a video series showcasing the power of words and importance of how they are used. As Liz tells us, our words are powerful and can shape everything in our lives. They impact our relationships with family and friends as well as our self perception. They also give us the ability take our lives from negative to positive-- and vice versa. But what is positive affirmation? Well, put simply it’s speaking words that help cultivate our highest good by verbally affirming our desired actions in order to make them reality. It’s a process that needs to be backed up with action of course, but according to Dr. Carmen Harra,

“in the sequence of thought-speech-action, affirmations play an integral role by breaking patterns of negative thoughts, negative speech, and, in turn, negative actions.”

But how do we use the power of words? Well it’s something that Liz says takes repetition and a willingness to retrain your brain

“I practice affirmations every single day. I really believe they’re powerful. Even if you don’t believe it when you first say it, we’re training the subconscious to think about it. And whatever you think is what you become.”

If we think what we become, imagine what all that negative self speak is doing to our families, relationships, and goals. No bueno! Lucky for us she gave us the rundown on what kind of affirmations she does everyday.

“Every morning I read from two prayer books I write in my gratitude journal two things that I’m grateful for and then I go right into my 7 affirmations and I write one for my mind, and my body, my soul, my family, my social, my business, and my money.”

So just like Liz, we can single out the things in 7 areas of our lives that we want to support and strengthen. “ ‘I am’ are the most powerful words in the universe because whatever follows that is one or the other” she said in our interview.

You can start by visualizing and saying:

Mind: My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity.

Body: My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.

Soul: My nature is Divine; I am a spiritual being.

Family: I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends.

Social: Many people look up to me and recognize my worth; I am admired.

Business: My business is growing, expanding, and thriving.

Money: I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

For more on the power of words tune to our latest episode with Liz here, EPISODE 150: THE POWER OF WORDS W/ WORDAFUL'S LIZ HERNANDEZ. You can find even more of Dr. Harra’s affirmations here you can also make up your own. Drop your favorite affirmations in the comments!


5 Pieces of Great Marriage Advice From Our Dad

momdad wedding photo .jpg


This past Sunday we took some time out to celebrate the  men in our lives. And on our special Father’s day episode we had a great conversation with our Dad about the challenges of raising a family, what it was like coming to the US, and how he’s stepping into his role as a Grandfather. But Papa Lopez definitely dropped some gems on us even though he didn’t think he had any insight-- so modest! He gave us some great marriage advice, the kind that can only be learned under fire.


1. Happy Wife Happy Life:

Although marriage rates have declined significantly from 72% in 1960 to just 50% today, there are still a plenty of people taking the plunge according to the Pew Research Center. Saying that marriage is hard, is an understatement but our Dad says that it’s never going to be easy. And that working things out, keeping your wife happy and putting your family first is a must. “We are no longer the owner of our lives when we have kids,” he says.


2. Think of your family as a unit:

One of the main takeaways from this episode was that your family is one and needs to be dealt with as such. Although Dad admits that our Mom is primarily responsible for holding the family together through the tough times, he was always willing to work on his marriage because he wanted to do what was best for the family as a whole.


3. Everything in life is practice:

Dad says when things get tough you need to be willing to try over and over. Like everything in life, strengthening a relationship takes practice and that means repetition as well as a willingness to dust yourself off and try again because “it’s a thing you have to practice every day.”


4. Think of others:

Although our Dad admits he wasn’t always the best husband, he recognizes the sacrifices our Mom had to make for the sake of their marriage and us kids. Even though he wishes some things had gone differently it’s clear that it was their ability to anticipate each others needs and see the big picture, that allowed our parents to stay together.


5. Learn from your mistakes:

One of the most heartwarming things is our Dad’s sincerity in admitting he didn’t always say or do the right thing--but really, who does? Nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes but we have to be willing to take responsibility and work hard on making it right. He said that he’s making it right through his relationship with his grandchildren, who he loves with all his heart. And also by being open and honest with us about the things he knows he messed up on.

Tune into our Father’s Day episode for some great stories from our childhoods and for more advice from our dad! 






We all want to be healthy and happy. It’s why we exercise, it’s why we go to the doctor, and why we do things we enjoy. But as Reiki healer Millana Snow reminded us, we tend to ignore a potentially hazardous problem that can affect anything from our mood to our physical body-- stagnant energy. This is where Reiki and other forms of energy healing come into play, in particular Reiki is a Japanese therapy method based on your auric field and your chakra system. But what are chakras? As Snow explained “a chakra is an energy center in your body, it’s a part of your being that is not just your physical body but it’s interconnected to all parts of your being. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual and your chakras system is connected to those 4 basic foundational levels of who you are.” The word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit based on the alignment of the chakras and the loops of energy that they create around the body. There are 7 main chakras that are associated with specific colors that reflect the different frequencies of each energy center: Root (red), Sacral chakra (orange), Solar Plexus (yellow), Heart (green), Throat (blue), Third Eye (indigo), Crown (violet). But why should we care about our chakras? Well, there are 3 main reasons as to why clearing and aligning your chakras is important.

1. Unbalanced chakras can cause physical, mental, spiritual and emotional problems

The energy we emit and reflect affects our relationships, our jobs, our bodies and the way we show up in the world. Blockages and overactive chakras manifest depending on which ailments are associated with that specific energy field. For example: the root chakra is associated with the physical body, basic survival/needs, and our connection to the Earth. if your root chakra is blocked you may experience feeling "stuck" and unable to move forward emotionally. It may also cause depression and anxiety as well as lower-back pain, sciatica, varicose veins, rectal/anal problems, impotence, and water retention, among other things. Balancing your energy means you’ll be healing all the different areas of your life, and who doesn’t want to do that?

2. Low vibrations could be holding you back

Your chakras represent the flow of energy in your body so it’s literally the difference between going through life feeling exhausted and burnt out or being vibrant and present. Aligning and opening your body’s energy centers can improve all the areas of your life and it can also help you figure out what is going on with you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually on a more basic level. As Snow puts it “every tone has a certain frequency its demarcation of how fast it’s vibrating, just like every tone or every song has a vibration so do we as people.” When we vibrate higher we are more open and susceptible to positivity and light, whereas when we vibrate lower there is a tendency to be more sluggish and sad. A person vibrating higher is more likely to exude and attract positivity.

3. Working on your chakras promotes mindfulness

Essentially what we’re doing when we actively work on balancing our energy centers is dealing with the buildup caused by past experiences and emotions. Much in the same way we seek out therapists to break old patterns or heal old wounds, Snow reminds us that the basis of mindfulness is recognizing “how things have affected you and how those things affected you right now.” Introducing this kind of awareness into your self care routine may help put things into perspective and foster a different outlook. There are many other methods for removing stagnant energy besides Reiki too, there is crystal healing, meditation, reflexology, yoga, and acupuncture just to name a few.

For more on chakras, Reiki, and vibrations tune into episode 148: reiki 101 with Millana Snow


Bricia's Meal Planning Tips


Meal prepping may seem like a lot of work, but trust me it’s soooo worth it. One thing I’ve learned is that the more decisions you have to make, the more brainpower you have to use. Here's the trick- by eliminating the ultimate “what’s for dinner?” question we deal with as moms EVERY. DAY. you’re going to have one less thing to worry about. After week 1, you’re going to realize how much brainpower you’ve freed up & you'll feel like this guy right here: 

Not only does meal prepping help me figure out dinner for 5 days straight, it encourages me to make a strategic grocery list, which ultimately cuts waste and saves money. Yes, ladies! No more throwing away food & saving money all at once!

I usually begin on Sunday evenings by writing down the menu for the week. I take into consideration recipes that are healthy, can be easily be reheated for dinner and that can be put both into Eddie’s and my husband's lunch boxes. This step usually takes me about an hour, this includes gathering recipes and putting my grocery list together.  I like to use the Notes app in my iPhone. It’s simple and works for me. If you have an android, try using google sheets .

(this is a screen record of what my notes app looks like)

Monday night after work, I head to the grocery store. If I finish my menu early, I order all my groceries online via Amazon Prime Now and get them delivered straight to my house the night before. Then it takes about 3-4 hours for the recipes to come together. 

After everything is cooked, Eddie helps me fill up our glass Pyrex containers and then we pop them in our fridge. 

Once you’ve done this for 4-6 weeks straight, you’ll wonder why you’ve never done this before. At this point, you’ll also already have your menu and recipes favorites and know which recipes were hits and which were only one-hit wonders. 

Here are some links to the recipes that’ve become our family favorites over the months: 

Mint-Pistachio Pesto (this can be easily mixed w any pasta) 

Chicken Breasts Dijon

Make-Ahead Broccoli and Quinoa Salad

Homemade Vegetarian Chili

Healthy Cauliflower Rice

Mini Turkey Meatballs

Chicken Picadillo Taquitos

Let me know how meal planning works with you guys in the comments below! 


5 Steps to Producing the Event of your Dreams

Photo by: Lily Ro,  @lilyro_

Photo by: Lily Ro, @lilyro_

Written by: Bricia Lopez, @bricialopez

Event production is no joke, ladies. It sucks the life out of you and it's a rollercoaster of emotions and a non-stop workday (and night) BUT there is a silver lining 😅. After the event is done and you see the the face's of all the people who attended and see how much fun they had, all the hours you worked makes it all worth it. 

I've recently been getting emails from friends/colleagues who are thinking of producing their own event and seeking advice on how to start. So in response to that, I created this post to provide you and any other women, friend, family member who are seeking tips on event production and need a nudge in the right direction. 

Lets get started ....

Step #1: Define your Purpose

Get a notebook, a pen and write down the purpose of your event.  Really, what is it that you (and your partners) want to achieve?  Why are you willing to invest your time and resources (and believe me, it will be a lot) into this? This answer will drive the rest of your decisions, so it is very important you write it down. Whenever you need to make any tough decision, refer back to this. 

Step #2: Visualize it from Beginning to End

Put yourself in the eyes of your guests.  What is the first thing you want them to see when they come in? What do you want them to experience throughout the event? Does their experience drive your purpose?  Start with the entrance- where do they come in from? Is there a sign there? If so, what does it look like?  What are the first booths they encounter? Who is managing those booths, if they have questions, who do they ask?  What is the weather like?  Is it going to be hot? If so, do you have enough areas with shade?  etc, etc. 

Step #3: Make a Blueprint of the Logistics

After you have done that, capture everything you think needs to get done to achieve your vision.  Do you need get power, tents, volunteers, shading areas, seating space? if so, how many and how much? Who will be the point person for all vendors?  Do you need signage, do you need rentals, a photographer to capture all of the moments?  Do you need to create/execute “Instagram-able moments” so people are encouraged to share their experience? 

Step #4: Categorize Responsibilities

After you have captured the logistics, chunk responsibilities into categories.  For example, lighting, audio and rentals can be one category.  Design, volunteers, and signage can be a second category.  And so on.  Categorize it however it makes sense to you. 

Step #5: Build your Dream Team

Bring a group of people together who share the same purpose and visualization of the event (steps 1 & 2) as you do and are people you trust and are equally as invested in the event as you are.  Go with you gut. You must feel comfortable enough to delegate each one of those categories you created above. Once you have your tribe, delegate those categories accordingly. 

More (v important) advice


Its hard to say how much $$ you'll need to start planning this out (but that's because I don't personally know what your purpose or vision is, how big or small the space you envision your event being in, etc).  I would highly recommend you begin by requesting quotes from vendors and building your budgets that way before any of you commit or announce anything. 


Thinking of doing everything yourself?  Don’t even try it.  You are going to need a team of people who you feel comfortable working with and who, again, share the purpose and vision.  Otherwise, its just not going to work.

Key Takeaway

Take your time doing steps 1 and 2, these are super important! These are the steps that will guide you through your meetings, approvals and difficult decisions. 

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